Scholarship and Special Interest Programmes

Scholarship and Special Interest Programmes (SSIPs) give you the opportunity within the medical curriculum to concentrate on subjects that particularly interest you, and study them in depth.

Working with our expert tutors, you will undertake small-scale projects, and acquire research skills to help you develop as an independent scholar.

You will have the opportunity to choose subjects that inspire and excite you, and to explore areas that might lead you into a particular career.

Phase I

You will be attached to one of our research groups in your first year and a different one in your second year, working alongside tutors who are active researchers and world renowned experts in their fields.

In one of the first two years you will be placed in our laboratory-based biomedical centres in Hull or York, and will be able to develop your laboratory skills. In the other year, you’ll choose from a wide range of topics, from health inequalities and global public health to neuroscience, cancer management, and mammalian ecology and evolutionary anatomy.

Phase II

In your third year, you'll choose clinically-related projects to work on at your placement site. One of these projects will develop your experience and skills in assessing and improving the quality of care through participation in an audit or improvement project.

In your fourth year, you'll undertake a single extended project across the year. This will focus on a special interest of your choice, such as a research project, or developing teaching or leadership skills. You'll begin to establish distinctive skills and attributes that will be of value as you shape your future career as a doctor.

Phase III

Your final-year elective is also part of the SSIP.