Clinical and communication skills

Becoming an exceptional communicator

Here at Hull York Medical School, you will develop the superior communication and clinical skills, and confident, empathetic approach to delivering care that are the hallmark of our graduates.

As you'll be in contact with patients from the first weeks of the course, we have designed a clinical skills curriculum to help you to develop the skills you will need to become an effective practitioner.

During the first two years of your course, you will attend clinical skills sessions twice a week and remain part of the same group, with the same clinician tutor, for the entire year.

You will follow an integrated approach to learning, which emphasises the relationship between the skills you use in a consultation, including physical and mental state examination, history-taking, clinical reasoning and communication.

You will learn how to provide detailed, descriptive and non-judgmental feedback to your fellow students, and will have many opportunities to interview simulated patients portrayed by professional actors, within a safe, protected learning environment.

You will acquire the skills to perform physical examinations by practising on your peers and simulated patients in a professional atmosphere under the close supervision of your clinical skills tutors, all of whom are experienced clinicians.