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MSc in Clinical Anatomy


We encourage and support students on the Medicine programme to intercalate and pursue areas of specialised knowledge outside the core curriculum.


Explore your interests

Intercalation is an opportunity to enrich your undergraduate Medicine degree by taking a year out of your programme during which you study a different undergraduate or postgraduate degree.

Here at Hull York Medical School, you can intercalate after your second year (to study an undergraduate programme) or after your third year (to study a specially designed intercalated BSc, a Masters or PhD).

Whilst intercalation is not a requisite on our Medicine programme, we encourage all our students to consider this option to broaden your skills and knowledge and explore a new subject area.

Whether you study a Bachelors or a Masters, intercalation is an opportunity to broaden your horizons, study a subject you are passionate about or help you to decide where your passion lies.

MSc in Clinical Anatomy
MSc in Pharmacology and Drug Development
MSc in Health Professions Education
Dr Walter Mercer-Holland


Gaining a MSc in Clinical Anatomy and Education was an unrivalled opportunity in my intercalation year. Not only will it help me to achieve my aspirations of becoming involved in medical education in the future alongside pursuing my passion for anatomy, but it will also be of value when applying for jobs and specialist training once I finish my Medicine degree.
2020 Medicine graduate, intercalated in MSc in Clinical Anatomy and Education

Dr Walter Mercer-Holland

MSc in Human Anatomy and Evolution
MSc in Pharmacology and Drug Development

Degree options

What can you study?

The choice is yours!

Here at Hull York Medical School, we offer a comprehensive suite of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes on which you can intercalate.

If you are interested in furthering your knowledge of anatomy, medical education, pharmacology or public health, then we can provide you with an intensive, comprehensive and hugely rewarding year of study in these areas. Find out more about our programmes.

We have also developed a website for students thinking about intercalation, listing all the intercalation options available to medical students in the UK.