What do our students think about studying Medicine?

What is it really like to study Medicine at Hull York Medical School? Our current students were also in your position and understand you would like to know more. Find out more about their experiences.

“I’ve always loved science and I get on with people, finding out about their stories, their background – this is why I chose medicine.
“The thing that drives me to be a good doctor is being surrounded by such driven and enthusiastic colleagues, who equally want to make a difference and make an impact on patient’s lives.”

Christian Wake, 5th year medical student

"I am supported to achieve my full potential. I have one-to-one meetings with my tutors and supervisors to discuss how to best develop my academic skills and be prepared to face exams.
"There are numerous opportunities to receive feedback on my academic and clinical development, such as formative examinations, clinical skills, problem based learning and placements. We also validate our knowledge and gained skills with every patient I will encounter.
"Every day is a new challenge, and every challenge is a new learning experience!”

Vassili Crispi, 4th year medical student

Vassili Crispi