Selection procedure

At Hull York Medical School we are keen to provide clear and accurate information about our entry requirements and our selection procedure. We believe fairness and transparency are of utmost importance when selecting applicants.

How are students selected for interview?

In this video, our Medicine Programme Director, Dr Paul Docherty, explains how we score applications for interview. You can view full details about how applicants are selected for procedure in our selection procedure page.



What is the selection procedure?

Our step-bystep guide below explains the selection procedure for our Medicine programme. You can also view our selection procedure in full here.

Academic screening

All applications are checked to ensure they meet our academic requirements.

Selection for interview

Candidates are scored and ranked on the following


Candidates are scored on the separate components of the interview process (up to a maximum of 80 points). In addition, candidates are allocated points depending on their UCAT SJT band achieved (up to 10 points), and their contextual data (up to 10 points). This gives a maximum possible score out of 100. We rank applicants in order of total score and make offers. In general we make offers after all the interviews are completed.