Interview tips from current students

Our current Medicine students understand how you may be feeling about coming to an interview. Read their tips for interviews and find our more about their experience of the day.

Elisha, year 1 Medicine student

“My top tip to anyone applying would be to enjoy the experience – make the most of the opportunity to ask questions to the students and learn about what the Hull York Medical School is like from their points of view instead of just considering the ‘open day’ perspective. Interview day is as much about you getting to know more about the medical school as it is about them getting to know you.

“Also, make an effort to talk to the other interviewees, even though you might be nervous –it helped to settle my nerves before the interview, and I made friends on my interview day who I am now studying with.”

Read Elisha's experience of her interview

Nadia - year 1 Medicine student

“My top tips for someone coming to a Hull York Medical School interview would be research how the School teaches and what their course structure is, read a lot about recent medical and NHS news to help you understand and appreciate good medical practice.

“Be confident and don’t let the nerves get the better of you. A good night sleep and a slice of chocolate cake before the interview will help massively!”

Read Nadia's experience of her interview