Providing opportunities to deepen your understanding

One of the most exciting parts of your medical training at Hull York Medical School is your elective. You will carry out a six-week elective at the beginning of your final year when you’ll have the chance to travel abroad or work in a specialist service in the UK.

Students find their electives a hugely educational, enjoyable and rewarding experience. You'll gain invaluable clinical experience in locations where you can help make a difference to both the hospitals or practices and the lives of those living in the local communities.

You will encounter an environment that is very different from a regular medical course and medical issues that stretch your current understanding, giving you the opportunity to reflect on your professional and personal development.

Where will you go?

Our students have undertaken electives in hospitals and research institutes in Vanuatu, Nepal, Tenerife, Belize, Malaysia, South Africa and with NASA in the USA to name but a few, as well as organisations in the UK, such as the Institute of Neurology in London and in rural settings like Fort William and Shetland.