People with cancer need good access to palliative care, but not everyone gets the same access to these services. This can leave some patients with unresolved problems which affect their quality of life

Many people with cancer experience a wide range of symptoms and problems across all areas of life. Studies suggest that these symptoms are common but are often not known about or managed by the doctors and nurses caring for them.

The Needs Assessment Tool-Cancer (NAT-C) has been developed for use by doctors or other clinicians in GP Surgeries to identify and address any concerning symptoms and unmet needs of cancer patients and their carers. We will test whether regular use of this tool improves patient care compared with how care is usually provided.

The previous CANAssess1 study showed us that carrying out this study would be possible, and Yorkshire Cancer Research have now agreed to fund it.

About the project

Funder: Yorkshire Cancer Research
Time frame: January 2020 – June 2023
Contact for more details: Professor Miriam Johnson ( and Dr Joseph Clark (

This study will be carried out across Yorkshire and the North East of England, involving 1,080 patients from 54 GP Practices. It will test if routine use of the Needs Assessment Tool-Cancer (NAT-C) improves’ patients and their carers’ experience compared with usual care.

If the tool proves to be effective in reducing unresolved patient/carer problems, it will set a new standard of care across the whole of the UK, improving the experience of people with cancer and their families.