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Researchers in the laboratory in the Biomedical Institute for Multimorbidity

Our staff

Find out details of researchers in the Biomedical Institute for Multimorbidity.

Cancer imaging

Dr Louis Allott

Lecturer in Translational Radiopharmaceutics

Cardiovascular and haemostasis

Professor Tim Palmer

Professor of Cardiovascular Biology

Dr Ahmed Aburima

Lecturer in Cardiovascular Science

Dr David Allsup

Senior Lecturer in Haematology

Dr Simon Calaminus

Senior Lecturer in Pharmacology

Dr Dan Hampshire

Lecturer in Genetics

Dr Leonid Nikitenko

Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences

Dr Giordano Pula

Reader in Cardiovascular Biomedicine

Dr Katie Wraith

Lecturer in Cardiovascular Biology

Diabetes and metabolism

Professor Roger Sturmey

Professor in Reproductive Medicine

Dr Pedro Beltran-Alvarez

Senior Lecturer in Health and Climate Change

Dr Mark Wade

Senior Lecturer in Molecular Genetics

Dr Amin Ardestani

Senior Lecturer in Metabolic Signaling

Wound healing and respiratory

Professor Matthew Hardman

Director of Research (Hull), Chair in Wound Healing

Dr Stefano Caserta

Lecturer in Immunology

Dr Laura Sadofsky

Senior Lecturer in Respiratory Medicine

Dr Holly Wilkinson

Lecturer in Wound Healing

Dr Michelle Rudden

Lecturer in Biomedicine


Biomedical Institute for Multimorbidity