Dr Ahmed Aburima

BSc Vet. MSc. PGCert. PhD. FHEA.

Lecturer in Cardiovascular Science

Role at Hull York Medical School

A Principal Investigator of a British Heart Foundation (BHF)-funded research laboratory that is focused on understanding the mechanisms of cardiovascular disease and cardiovascular complications of cancer


Dr Aburima received his Bachelor's degree in Veterinary Medicine in 2002 from Al-Fateh University in Libya. Shortly afterwards, he moved to England and obtained a Master's degree in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Bradford and a Doctorate in Medical Sciences from the Hull YorkMedical School. On the completion of his PhD, he worked as a Post-Doctoral Research Associate for Professor Khalid Naseem for six years, after which Dr Aburima was retained and appointed to the position of Independent Research Fellow (Principle Investigator). Dr Aburima is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy since 2019.


Platelet activation is a series of overlapping events that are triggered by exposure of platelets to the thrombogenic subendothelial matrix. Many of these events rely on platelet-matrix interaction, platelet-platelet and platelet-leukocyte communication, which culminate in signal transduction across the plasma membrane of the receiving cell. Consequently, there has been widespread use of anti-platelet drugs to combat cardiovascular diseases and that is a testimony to their central role in determining the outcome of the disease.The focus of research in my laboratory is the role of blood platelets in the pathogenesis of cardiovascular diseases and immune suppression. My programme of research is focused on examining mechanism(s) that lead to platelet dysfunction, which can, in turn, contribute to bleeding, atherothrombosis, immune cell exhaustion and tumour metastasis.


Dr Aburima regularly delivers formal lectures to MBBS students as part of the core medical curriculum and the Scholarship and Special Interest Programmes (SSIP).

Core modules

• Fluid Homeostasis and Blood

• You Are What You Eat.

• Kidney Function and Failure

• Healthy Heart and Lungs

Scholarship and Special Interest Programme (SSIP)

• Nomenclature of Lipids and Lipid Metabolism.

• Haemostasis and Thrombosis.

• Blood platelets beyond haemostasis.

• Clinical Problem Solving Sessions.

• How To Win a Nobel Prize.



Published articles


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  • Riba R, Patel B, Aburima A, Naseem KM. "Globular adiponectin increases cGMP formation in blood platelets independently of nitric oxide." J Thromb Haemost. 2008 Dec;6(12):2121-31. 

Published reviews

  • Raslan Z, Aburima A, Naseem KM. “The Spatiotemporal Regulation of cAMP Signaling in Blood Platelets-Old Friends and New Players.” Front Pharmacol. 2015 Nov 10;6:266.
  • Aburima A, Naseem KM. “Platelet myosin light chain phosphatase: keeping it together.” Biochem Soc Trans. 2014 Apr;42(2):279-83.

Internal Collaborations:

  • Professor Sunil Bhandari (UoH/ HEY Hospitals NHS Trust).
  • Dr David Allsup (HYMS/HEY Hospitals NHS Trust).


External Collaborations:

  • Professor Khalid Naseem (University of Leeds).
  • Professor Vladimir Buchman (Cardiff University).
Postgraduate research supervision

Current Project

Rewiring the SNARE complex in platelets:

This is a BHF fully-funded project aimed at identifying new partners for the SNARE complex with a specific focus on the secretion machinery.

Platelet biomarkers for disease progression:

This is a collaborative project aimed at examining the use of platelets as surrogate biomarkers for cancer progression and response to therapy.

Chronic Kidney disease and platelet dysfunction:

This project is focused on understanding the effect of uraemic toxins on platelet function in patients with advanced kidney failure.

External roles
  • Visiting Research Fellow- University of Leeds.
  • Visiting Research Fellow - Cardiff University.
  • Editorial Board Member of Thrombosis and Haemostasis: Research.
  • Editorial Board Member of Cardiovascular Disease and Diagnosis (CDD).
  • Ad-hoc manuscript reviewer for Journals of Biochemical Pharmacology, Platelets and International Journal of Molecular Sciences.
  • Ad-hoc grant reviewer for Heart Research UK.
Honours and awards
  • Non-Clinical PhD Studentship Grant Award (2019): British Heart Foundation [FS/19/10/34128].
  • Academic Non-Clinical Fellowship Award (2016): Hull York Medical School.
  • Pump-Priming Grant Award (2013): Hull York Medical School.
  • Non-Clinical PhD Scholarship Award (2006): Libyan Bureau, London.
  • Non-Clinical MSc Scholarship Award (2002): Libyan Bureau, London.