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Postgraduate Researcher Development Scheme

About the Postgraduate Researcher Development Scheme

If you are a PhD or MSc by Thesis student, your studies include a research training programme – the Postgraduate Researcher Development Scheme (PRD).

The PRD will support you not only in the success successful completion of your research, but also your development as a lifelong researcher.

This scheme is compulsory for PhD and MSc by Thesis students, and you will automatically be enrolled onto the scheme upon accepting your offer.

Students and researchers in the Academy of Primary Care

How it works

The PRD scheme provides you with considerable flexibility to choose activities and courses according to your individual development needs, as agreed with your supervisor and thesis advisory panel. Our Academic Lead for Postgraduate Training can also help with your decision making.

The PRD scheme is points-based and combines mandatory and optional training and development activities that you will undertake across the whole period of your studies.

You will be able to claim development points for activities including, but not limited to, attending courses, workshops, taught modules, conferences or seminars, and teaching, tutoring, involvement in associations and committees, and public engagement.

Development points are awarded based on the time spent and the type of activity.

The PRD scheme contains a mandatory part that includes research integrity training and at least one oral presentation.


The number of development points required are:

  • PhD – 60 points
  • MSc by Thesis – 20 points

Training requirements by funders

If the funder of your studentship prescribes mandatory training requirements for your project you will be able to tailor your development portfolio to fulfil those requirements while at the same time claim development points to meet the requirements of the PRD scheme.

Postgraduate Training Scheme

The PRD scheme is not a credit-bearing scheme and does not lead to degree awards. If you wish to be eligible for the Postgraduate Certificate or Diploma in Research Training, with the agreement of your supervisor and TAP you may choose to enrol in the Hull York Medical School Postgraduate Training Scheme. Successful completion of the PGTS scheme will fulfil the PRD requirements.