Support and personal development

A stimulating and supportive environment

Student support is at the heart of all our programmes and we hope you will have an enjoyable and fulfilling experience studying for your research degree with us. We provide a wide network of support and personal development services to help you achieve your potential throughout your studies.

The information on these pages will guide you through the support channels available to you as a Hull York Medical School postgraduate research student.

The Medical School has a strong pastoral and academic support system that acknowledges the wider life context within which postgraduate studies take place. As personal and social circumstances may change over the course of a study, we are responsive to individual post-graduate student needs, in balance with maintaining academic rigor and high assessment standards for our taught and research programmes.

Dr Lina Gega Chair of Postgraduate Programmes Board

Supervision and thesis advisory panel

All research students are assigned a principal supervisor. You will also be given a thesis advisory panel, which will consist of your supervisor and two other members of academic staff. All panel members will be familiar with the research topic, but they might have different perspectives from your principal supervisor. This is a good way of collaborating with other academics, as well as getting a variety of views on your research topic.

Your progress will be monitored at panel meetings. The first meeting will take place after three months, and subsequent meetings will be every six months.

Student support services

As a Hull York Medical School student, you can access our dedicated Support Support Team as well as any of the student support services at our parent universities (Hull and York). These services offer friendly, confidential advice or support including health and wellbeing support and advice, disability support and assessments for support and adjustments, financial assistance or advice, and learning support.

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Personal development

As a research student with us, you will meet regularly with your supervisor, as well as with your thesis advisory panel. These meetings are an important part of judging your progress and setting future goals.

We strongly support the Personal Development Planning scheme, which will help you to improve your general skills in study and career management, become a more effective, independent and confident self-directed learner, and specify your personal goals and evaluate your progress towards them.

This scheme is not the same as the NHS's Continuing Professional Development scheme (and other similar schemes), but the two are complementary.

Postgraduate Training Scheme

All postgraduate research students (with the exception of MD students) take part in our Postgraduate Training Scheme, which provides you with extra opportunities to develop both specialist and transferable skills, enhancing your employability and preparing you for the many tasks and challenges in your research environment and subsequent career.

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