PhD or MD by published work

About the programme

If you have a portfolio of peer-reviewed publications research to the standard of a PhD or MD, you can submit your work for consideration for the award of PhD or MD by published work.

For full details about this degree, the criteria required to make a submission and how to apply, please see the programme regulations.

Who can apply

Candidates must be:

  • A Hull York Medical School graduate who should have graduated at least three years prior to the application; or
  • A member of staff employed by either the University of Hull or University of York who works substantially within Hull York Medical School; or
  • A member of Hull York Medical School honorary staff. If a member of NHS staff working in the Hull York Medical School region does not hold an honorary or paid contract with us and wishes to submit an application for admission, they must first be awarded honorary status by Hull York Medical School.

How to apply

If you would like to make an application, please contact us in the first instance.

Initially, candidates should submit a prima facie case to the Dean of the Hull York Medical School, for consideration by the Hull York Medical School Board of Studies. Information about what to include in the prima facie case and the application procedure are detailed in the programme regulations.

If your prima facie case is approved, you will be accepted as a candidate for the degree of PhD or MD by published work. You must then register formally for the degree to progress your submission.