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CATALYST is a ground-breaking career development programme for new to practice GPs in the Humber Coast and Vale area.

Course length 2 years part-time
Start date September
Location Online
Professor Joanne Reeve and members of the Academy of Primary Care



Developed by Hull York Medical School’s Academy of Primary Care in partnership with NHS England Northeast Yorkshire and Humber Coast and Vale Health and Care Partnership, this two-year programme is offered to eligible GPs in the Humber Coast and Vale area.

CATALYST supports new to practice GPs to develop the skills and confidence they need to thrive in the challenges of modern primary care professional practice. Following a successful pilot year, CATALYST has been rolled out as a two-year programme offered to all new to practice GPs in Humber Coast and Vale. It is a flagship programme in the new Humber Coast and Vale GP Fellowship Programme which runs across our region and supports GP careers from school to retirement.

How will CATALYST help GPs?

CATALYST has been designed to help you develop the extended skills and confidence needed for the complexities of modern expert generalist clinical practice.

With CATALYST you will develop:

  • Extended skills for modern clinical practice including managing multimorbidity.
  • Skills for the extended professional roles of the modern GP (or consultant in primary care medicine) including innovation, change management, quality improvement and professional writing.

Our programme offers you the opportunity to:

  • Learn advanced skills in collecting, using and analysing data for clinical practice
    Using case studies and examples from clinical practice to delve deeper into the complexity of managing everyday challenges such as problematic polypharmacy, multimorbidity, frailty, medically unexplained symptoms, developing your data gathering and analytical skills so that you can make robust decisions about clinical need.

  • Gain practical skills and experience of implementing change
    We will take you through the steps of designing, implementing and evaluating new ways of working so you can confidently implement change in individual patient care but also across your practice.

  • Develop your professional network
    Through our programme you will meet other newly qualified GPs across our region and will learn from and support each other as you progress your careers.

  • Continue your professional development
    The programme offers you the opportunity to continue your professional development, by learning from our experienced tutors as well as your peers. All participants will receive a certificate of completion from NHS England Northeast and Yorkshire, Humber Coast and Vale Health and Care Partnership, the Academy of Primary Care at Hull York Medical School, and the WISE GP programme.


Professor Joanne Reeve

Professor Joanne Reeve,
Programme Director

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Members of the CATALYST programme in a discussion around a laptop
Members of the CATALYST programme writing on a whiteboard

Teaching and assessment

Who we are

The CATALYST programme brings together a team of experts from Hull York Medical School’s Academy of Primary Care, NHS England Northeast Yorkshire, and Humber Coast & Vale Health and Care Partnership.

CATALYST combines cutting-edge research, including from within the Academy of Primary Care, with distinct primary care grounded expertise to support new ways of working and a new vision for professional practice. 

Together we are driving the redesign and delivery of the workforce, clinical care and service design needed for 21st century primary care practice. 

The CATALYST programme works closely with the national WISE GP initiative. WISE GP is led by Professor Joanne Reeve and is a partnership between the Royal College of GPs, the Society for Academic Primary Care and the NIHR School for Primary Care Research. We also partner with Health Education England to deliver the related WISDOM programme, as well as to support the Humber Generalist School.

Doctor working on laptop computer


The prospect of shaping my GP consultations for the better was my first attraction towards the CATALYST programme. I have learnt about many interesting concepts, my favourite being 'Goldilock's medicine' which emphasises that balancing all aspects of general practice leads to better outcomes, not only for patients but also for GPs themselves. Similarly, having studied about medically unexplained symptoms and their impact upon general practice, I now document clearly the expectations of patients with the outcome of discussion to help colleagues in future consultations. CATALYST became an integral part of my work life, something that was missed if I did not attend!
GP at Riverside Surgery in Brigg, North Lincolnshire

Dr Rabia Aftab

Fees and funding


The CATALYST programme is offered free of charge to all new to practice GPs who are working in the Humber Coast and Vale area.


New to practice GPs are also eligible to apply for a bursary from NHS England Yorkshire to cover your clinical time.

To check whether you are eligible for a bursary and to find out more about other opportunities in our region, contact the Fellowship Team via email at


Entry requirements

CATALYST and the bursary scheme is open to new to practice GPs from any practice across our region.


How to apply

Applications will open in 2024. Register your interest in the CATALYST programme and we will contact you when applications open.