Dr Andrew Brown


Senior Lecturer in Medical Education & Rheumatology

Role at Hull York Medical School

Andy is Senior Lecturer in Medical Education & Rheumatology. He is also a Consultant Rheumatologist at York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Andy has a number of specific roles at the Medical School as well as delivering teaching and assessment activities. He is Programme Director of the MSc in Physician Associate Studies and Module Lead and Tutor for the Health Professionals Education Programme.


Andy joined Hull York Medical School in May 2008 as Senior Lecturer in Medical Education and Rheumatology. He is also a Consultant Rheumatologist at York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. He studied Medicine at the University of Leeds. During his subsequent clinical and academic career he has combined his particular interests in medical education, clinical rheumatology, musculoskeletal imaging and research.

Previously a Clinical Lecturer at the University of Leeds, Andy’s background includes the award of an Educational Research Fellowship, theoretical and practical skills in undergraduate and postgraduate medical education, expertise in musculoskeletal imaging particularly ultrasonography and academic and clinical training in Rheumatology. He has relevant postgraduate qualifications in medical education and rheumatology including a PhD in medical education and musculoskeletal imaging. He has ongoing research interests in various aspects of teaching, learning and assessment, particularly curriculum development including the use of technology to enhance learning, as well as the application of imaging techniques in the assessment of rheumatological disease. This is supported by a portfolio of peer-reviewed publications and national and international presentations in these areas.


Andy has developed a number of research interests in areas of curriculum development, teaching and assessment methodologies including the use of technology to enhance learning.

In particular, he has led the development of a programme of education in ultrasonography for rheumatologists and has a leading role in implementing this at a regional and national level.

He leads and supervises various Masters and Doctorate level research projects including students within the Health Professions Education Unit.

Andy continues to pursue research activities in his clinical specialty of Rheumatology including disease activity and remission assessment in inflammatory arthritis and applying imaging techniques to optimise clinical evaluation and improve our understanding of the pathophysiological basis of musculoskeletal disease.

He is involved with colleagues at York Teaching Hospital in developing and delivering a portfolio of active rheumatology research including ongoing studies from the CLRN portfolio.


Andy performs a number of teaching, assessment, management, research and development roles in Hull York Medical School, in addition to his clinical responsibilities.

He is the Programme Director of the Physician Associate MSc Programme which admitted its first cohort of students in September 2016 and produces 20-30 graduates each year, most of whom are working within the local healthcare community.

Formerly a PBL Tutor, Clinical Skills Tutor and Academic Lead for Assessment on the MBBS programme, he is currently a Clinical Placement Tutor in phase I, delivers teaching in musculoskeletal and general medicine in phases I, II & III and is an examiner at all stages.

He is also Programme Tutor and Module leader on the Health Professions Education Programme.


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Postgraduate research supervision

Andy supervises research projects related to all aspects of heathcare education as well as clinical topics including musculoskeletal medicine and imaging.

External roles
  • External Examiner Keele University Medical School
  • British Society of Rheumatology Education Committee
  • British Society of Rheumatology eLearning Working Group
  • United Kingdom Physician Associate Schools Council
  • Humber Coast & Vale Advanced Clinical Practice & Physicians Associates Faculty
  • British Society of Rheumatology ultrasonography Special Interest Group