Sarah Greenley


Research Fellow (Information Specialist)

Role at Hull York Medical School

Sarah joined Hull York Medical School in October 2018 working as part of the Yorkshire Cancer Research funded TRANSFORM team. Her role is to work with clinical and applied health researchers to provide information support and advice and to lead scoping and systematic review literature searches and reference management for various projects including input into grant proposals.


Sarah qualified as an information professional with a post-graduate diploma then MSc from Leeds Metropolitan University and started her career in health information supporting the information skills component in the pre-registration nursing curriculum at City University. In 2000 She moved to the British Medical Journal’s Evidence Centre as an information specialist, working on resources such as BMJ Clinical Evidence, BMJ Best Practice and BMJ Learning where she collaborated with external authors, editors and clinicians to develop reviews. Her role involved developing, validating and performing complex search strategies for specific study designs for multiple medical conditions and interventions, critically appraising search results, reference management, data checking, extraction and quality control. In addition, her role in the information specialist team at the BMJ meant continually reviewing and developing the search processes and presenting the results of research at national and international conferences and workshops. In 2012 Sarah joined the team at InferMed Ltd (later part of Elsevier Clinical Solutions), a clinical decision support software company, working as a content transformation specialist in a multidisciplinary team to analyse clinical guidelines and content and transform these into computer interpretable guidelines for use in GP and hospital systems and national telephone triage systems.


Prior to joining Hull York Medical School, Sarah was involved in research around designing and validating search filters for specific study designs and researching best practice in information retrieval to improve methodology at the BMJ’s Evidence Centre.


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Selected publications

Woodcock, J., Greenley, S. & Barton, S. (2002) Doctors' knowledge about evidence based medicine terminology. BMJ, 324(7343), 929-30.

Vincent, S. Greenley, S. & Beaven O. (2003) Clinical Evidence diagnosis: Developing a sensitive search strategy to retrieve diagnostic studies on deep vein thrombosis: a pragmatic approach. Health Info Libr J, 20(3), 150-9.

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May 2011 Medical Library Association Annual Meeting, Minneapolis.
Beyond searching: practical advice for increasing your role in systematic reviews (oral paper)

May 2010 Medical Library Association Annual Meeting, Washington DC
Doing more with less: supplying evidence-based searches to multiple products (oral paper)

May 2008 Medical Library Association Annual Meeting, Chicago
Building on existing evidence: Comparing Medline systematic review search strategies for everyday use at BMJ Clinical Evidence

Connecting with international evidence: Measuring the importance of multiple database searching for BMJ Clinical Evidence (poster presentations)

Mar 2008 Finding the Evidence workshop, Bradford Royal Infirmary

Feb 2008 Clinical Evidence training, University Hospital Galway, Ireland

Feb 2007 Dewsbury, Finding the evidence workshop

Jul 2006 Health Libraries Group Conference, Eastbourne. “Beyond search results: an introduction to pragmatic evidence retrieval and appraisal” (workshop)

Jun 2006 Canadian Health Libraries Association Conference, Vancouver. Keeping up with the evidence: systematic searching vs literature surveillance (oral presentation)

Mar 2004 Library Assistants’ Study Day, Royal Free Hospital, Hampstead, “Clinical Evidence workshop”

Jun 2004 Health and Life Sciences Online conference, University of Oxford, “Clinical Evidence workshop”

May 2003 Medical Library Association Annual Meeting Symposium, San Diego. Evidence-Based Nursing Practice: Needs, Tools, and Solutions (oral paper)