Dr Nathalie Signoret

Senior Lecturer in Immunology

Role at Hull York Medical School

Dr Signoret Joined the Hull York Medical School in 2006, arriving from the MRC-LMCB unit at University College London, to start her academic career in York.

Her research focus on a set of molecular sensors called chemokine receptors. These receptors are essential components of our immune system, coordinating host cell responses to infection and implicated in numerous pathologies. Her work investigates the functional regulation of these receptors to better understand their contribution to health and disease processes.

In addition, Dr Signoret is involved in Hull York Medical School Phase I teaching acting as Block lead for year 1 & 2, teaches for the University of York Biomedical Sciences BSc programme in the Department of Biology, and engages in post-graduate students supervision. She has administrative roles within both Hull York Medical School and Biology, and is active in the national and international research community.

Please visit Nathalie's profile on the Centre for Immunology and Infection website for further details, and the PURE Research Database for details of Nathalie's publications.