Dr Maureen Twiddy

BSc. MSc, PhD

Senior Lecturer in Mixed Methods

Role at Hull York Medical School

I am a behavioural scientist with over 10 years post doctoral experience. I lead the Institute of Clinical and Applied Health Research (ICAHR) Methods Hub and collaborate closely with the Hull Health Trials Unit.

I have expertise in a range of qualitative and quantitative research approaches (co-design, surveys, observational studies, clinical trials, process evaluations, interviews, and focus groups). Much of my current work involves undertaking process evaluations linked to clinical trials, and conducting embedded qualitative studies aimed at understanding the experience of patients and staff involved, and developing interventions to improve trial recruitment


Maureen obtained a BSc in Psychology, and MSc in Psychology applied to health, before moving to the School of Medicine at the University of Leeds, where she obtained her PhD in 2009.  Her research interests are varied and reflect her mixed methods research expertise. She has a particular interest in using patient experience data to improve patient care (e.g. intervention development) and testing healthcare interventions (clinical trials). From work she has conducted on a range of clinical trials, she has developed an interest in informed (shared) decision making about trial involvement and treatment decisions through the use of enhanced Patient Information, and the use of qualitative methods to improve the conduct and design of randomised controlled trials. She has expertise in a range of applied health methods: qualitative methods, experimental and survey design, and patient and public involvement in research and service delivery.


Current funded research

Balasubramanian, S et al. Near Infrared Fluorescence (NIRF) Imaging to prevent Post-surgical Hypoparathyroidism (PoSH) after Thyroid Surgery (NIFTy) - A phase II/III pragmatic, multicentre randomised controlled trial. NIHR Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation Programme (EME) https://www.fundingawards.nihr.ac.uk/award/17/11/27

A multicentre, randomised controlled trial of Laparoscopic versus Open Colorectal Surgery in the Acute Setting. CI: Harji D, Croft J, Twiddy M, Gordon K, Meads D, Sagar P, Burke D, Blackwell S, Stocken D, Smith I, Griffiths B. NIHR Health Technology Assessment (HTA)

Previous funded research

Crooks M, Algar V, English A, Hart S, Swan F, Dyson F, Johnson M, Twiddy M, Richardson G, Lunn B. A feasibility, randomised controlled trial of a complex breathlessness intervention in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. NIHR RfPB PB-PG-1216-20020

Johnson M, Twiddy M. (Co-CI) Developing an educational resources for clinicians working with prostate cancer patients. Prostate Cancer UK £30,000

NIHR HTA funded LAVA trial: Liver resection surgery versus thermal ablation for colorectal liver metastases. (NHIR ref: 13/153/04)

NIHR RfPB funded LaCeS trial: A multi-centre randomised controlled feasibility trial of laparoscopic versus open colorectal surgery in the acute setting. (NIHR ref PB-PG-0614-34091)

Yorkshire Cancer Research funded BRAVO trial: High risk bladder cancer: a randomised controlled feasibility study of radical cystectomy against intra-vesical immunotherapy. (YCR ref: S388)

NIHR RfPB funded TIGA CUB trial: Feasibility study for a trial on improving inter-generational attachment for children undergoing behavioural problems. (NIHR ref: PB-PG-0614-34002)

Wellcome Trust: Inspiring the public about biomedical research: Small grant scheme. J Bestall & M Twiddy. 

NIHR (HS & DR) Evaluation of patient preferences for and cost effectiveness of community intravenous antibiotic services (CIVAS) J Minton, D Meads, P Stanley, R Vincent, DK Raynor, M Twiddy, C Czoski Murray, J Wright, C Hulme, K McLintock, S Hess, K Reynard, S Dodd, H Gent, A Gregson (NIHR  ref: 11/2003/60). 2013-2015

  • MBBS Institute of Clinical and Applied Health Research Scholarship and Special Interest Programme (SSIP) Phase 1 (Qualitative Methods)

  • MBBS SSIP Phase 2 projects

  • Gateway Programme (Qualitative Methods)

  • MSc in Pharmacology and Drug Development (Module 5 Bench to Bedside II Clinical Trials)

  • Postgraduate Training Scheme: Implementation Science for Advanced and Chronic Care (Stakeholder engagement)


Please view Maureen's publications on Worktribe.

  • Gurusamy K, Corrigan N, Croft J, Twiddy M, Morris S, Woodward N, Bandula S, Hochhauser D, Napp V, Pullan A, Jakowiw N, Prasad R, Olde Damink S, Van Laarhoven CJHM, de Wilt JHW, Brown B, Davidson BR  (2018) Liver resection surgery versus thermal ablation for colorectal LiVer MetAstases (LAVA): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial. Trials 19:105 doi.org/10.1186/s13063-018-2499-5
  • Twiddy, M., C. J. Czoski Murray, S. J. Mason, D. Meads, J. M. Wright, E. D. Mitchell and J. Minton (2018). "A qualitative study of patients’ feedback about Outpatient Parenteral Antimicrobial Therapy (OPAT) services in Northern England: implications for service improvement." BMJ Open 8(1). doi:  http://dx.doi.org/10.1136/bmjopen-2017-019099
  • Vargas-Palacios A, Meads DM, Twiddy M, Czoski Murray C, Hulme C, Mitchell ED, Gregson A, Stanley P, Minton J. Cost-effectiveness of outpatient parenteral antibiotic therapy: A simulation modelling approach. Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy. 2017; 72 (8):2392-2400. 
    10.1093/jac/dkx123 View Open Access version
  • Oughton JB, Poad H, Twiddy M, Collinson M, Hiley V, Gordon K, Johnson M, Jain S, Noon AP, Chahal R, Simms M, Dooldeniya M, Koenig P, Goodwin L, Brown JM, Catto JWF. Radical cystectomy (bladder removal) against intravesical BCG immunotherapy for high-risk non-muscle invasive bladder cancer (BRAVO): A protocol for a randomised controlled feasibility study. BMJ Open. 2017; 7 (8):-. 
  • Edmondson AJ, Birtwistle J, Catto JWF, Twiddy M. The patients' experience of bladder cancer diagnosis: a systematic review of the qualitative evidence. Journal of Cancer Survivorship. 2017; 11 (4):453-461. 
    10.1007/s11764-017-0603-6 View Open Access version
  • Mitchell ED, Czoski Murray C, Meads D, Minton J, Wright J, Twiddy M. Clinical and cost-effectiveness, safety and acceptability of community intravenous antibiotic service models: CIVAS systematic review. BMJ Open. 2017; 7 (4):-. 
    10.1136/bmjopen-2016-013560 View Open Access version
  • Minton J, Czoski Murray C, Meads D, Hess S, Mitchell E, Wright J, Hulme C, Raynor DK, Gregson A, Stanley P, McLintock K, Vincent R, Twiddy M. The Community IntraVenous Antibiotic Study (CIVAS): a mixed methods evaluation of patient preferences for and cost effectiveness of different service models for delivering outpatient parenteral antimicrobial therapy. . 2017; ():-. 
    10.3310/hsdr05060 View Open Access version
  • Acharya S, Bryant L, Twiddy M. Altruism or obligation? The motivations and experience of women who donate oocytes to known recipients in assisted conception treatment: an interpretative phenomenological analysis study. Journal of Psychosomatic Obstetrics and Gynecology. 2017; 38 (1):4-11. 
    10.1080/0167482X.2016.1233171 View Open Access version
  • Allsop MJ, Twiddy M, Grant H, Czoski Murray C, Mon-Williams M, Mushtaq F, Phillips N, Zakrzewska J, Pavitt S. Diagnosis, medication and surgical management for patients with trigeminal neuralgia: a qualitative study. Acta Neurochirurgica. 2015; 157 (11):1925-1933. 
    10.1007/s00701-015-2515-4 View Open Access version
  • Czoski Murray C, Twiddy M, Meads D, Hess S, Wright J, Mitchell ED, Hulme C, Dodd S, Gent H, Gregson A, McLintock K, Raynor DK, Reynard K, Stanley P, Vincent R, Minton J. Community IntraVenous Antibiotic Study (CIVAS): protocol for an evaluation of patient preferences for and cost-effectiveness of community intravenous antibiotic services. BMJ Open. 2015; 5 (8):-. 
    10.1136/bmjopen-2015-008965 View Open Access version
  • Hill KM, Twiddy M, Hewison J, House AO. Measuring patient-perceived continuity of care for patients with long-term conditions in primary care. BMC Family Practice. 2014; 15 (1):-. 
    10.1186/s12875-014-0191-8 View Open Access version
  • Dwarakanath A, Twiddy M, Ghosh D, Jamson SL, Baxter PD, Elliott MW. Variability in clinicians' opinions regarding fitness to drive in patients with obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome (OSAS).. Thorax. 2014; ():-. 
    10.1136/thoraxjnl-2014-206180 View Open Access version
  • Craigs CL, Twiddy M, Parker SG, West RM. Understanding causal associations between self-rated health and personal relationships in older adults: A review of evidence from longitudinal studies. Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics. 2014; 59 (2):211-226. 
    10.1016/j.archger.2014.06.009 View Open Access version
  • Boote J, Twiddy M, Baird W, Birks Y, Clarke C, Beever D. Supporting public involvement in research design and grant development: a case study of a public involvement grant award scheme managed by a National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Research Design Service. Health Expectations. 2013; ():-. 
  • Twiddy M, House A, Jones F. The association between discrepancy in Illness Representations on distress in stroke patients and carers. Journal of Psychosomatic Research. 2012; ():-. 
  • Twiddy M, Wilson I, Bryant M, Rudolf M. Lessons learned from a family-focussed weight management intervention for obese and overweight children. Public Health Nutrition. 2011; ():-. 

Dr Brian Davidson, Royal Free Hospital and Dr Kurinchi Gurusamy - LAVA trial (liver ablation vs surgery trial)

Prof Pete Sagar (Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust) and Dr Deena Harji, (Newcastle) NIHR RfPB funded LaCeS trial (open vs laparoscopic colorectal surgery in the emergency setting)

Prof Jim Catto, University of Sheffield, and Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust - BRAVO trial: High risk bladder cancer: a randomised controlled feasibility study of radical cystectomy against intra-vesical immunotherapy. 

Dr Janine Bestall and Professor Jenny Hewison, University of Leeds, Patient understanding of biomarker test information. 

Prof Julia Brown, Leeds Clinical Trials Unit – LAVA, LaCeS, BRAVO trials

Dr Rebecca Walwyn, Leeds Clinical Trials Unit – TIGA CUB (trial for conduct disorder in children)

Ms Carolyn Murray and Dr David Meads, Leeds Institute of Health Sciences, University of Leeds – CIVAS – cost effectiveness and patient preferences for OPAT (outpatient parenteral antimicrobial therapy

Prof Robbie Foy, University of Leeds and Prof Anne MacFarlane, University of Limerick, co-supervision of Dr Jess Drinkwater (Participatory research to strengthen the role of patient and public involvement in general practice service improvement)

Postgraduate research supervision

I welcome enquiries from motivated students from around the world who are interested in undertaking applied health research projects. As a methodologist, I particularly welcome applications from students who are interested in exploring the methods used in research, and those interested in understanding the experience of living with and managing chronic illness.

Current PhD Students


Tania Nuria, Liver and alcohol. Hull University Teaching Hospital NHS Trust and University of Hull Clinical Academic Careers collaborative research programme 2019 (co-supervisor)


Ms Pamela Parker, Evaluating the Use of Ultrasound in the Active Surveillance of Localised Prostate Cancer. Hull University Teaching Hospital NHS Trust and University of Hull Clinical Academic Careers collaborative research programme 2019, (lead supervisor)

Lady Gwendoline Akwa, Alcohol and physical activity. University Cluster Scholarship (Alcohol) 2020, (co-supervisor)


Mr Evan Ntanopoulos, University Cluster Scholarship (Health inequalities and emerging environmental contaminants - Places and People) (lead supervisor)

Ms Hayley Crane, Comparing Quality of Life Outcomes of Through Knee Amputees with Above Knee Amputees. University Scholarship (co-supervisor)

Joanne Palmer, Improving the outcomes for patients with critical limb ischaemia (CLI) (co-supervisor)

Dr Jessica Drinkwater, Participatory research to strengthen the role of patient and public involvement in general practice service improvement. (NIHR scholarship, co-supervisor, Leeds)

Ms Wendy Burton The development and evaluation of an optimisation strategy to support children’s centres to implement a public health programme (University Scholarship, co-supervisor, Leeds)

Past PhD/D. Clin. Psychol. students

Dr Claire Mitchell (2013), Dr Cheryl Craigs (2015), Dr Saja Al Reyes (2015), Dr Louise Johnson (2015)

Past MSc students

Dr Santanu Archarya, Dr Nichola Aspinall, Dr Nerys Forrester

External roles

Research for Patient Benefit Programme (RfPB) Yorkshire and North East Regional Advisory Panel (RAP) member. 2019-

BMJ Supportive and Palliative Care Associate Editor (2019- )

NIHR ATLANTIS trial steering committee member (CI Prof Alex Ford, University of Leeds and Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

NIHR FReSH START Steering committee member (CI Prof Allan House, University of Leeds)