Dr Leigh Madden


Senior Research Fellow

Role at Hull York Medical School

Leigh is an experienced researcher involved in a wide range of multidisciplinary studies across the University and externally. Leigh's primary research interest is extracellular vesicles in cancer and disease.


Leigh came to the University of Hull to study Applied Biology in 1991. He specialised in biotechnology in the final year of his degree and then proceeded to continue into a research career starting with PhD and postdoctoral positions fully funded through industry (Monsanto Inc, USA). Following this he changed fields into medical research in 2000 and has been at Hull ever since. Leigh is an author on 99 peer-reviewed publications across a wide-range of research areas.

Postgraduate research supervision

Extracellular vesicles

Cancer associated hypercoagulability


Decompression sickness

Diabetes, Obesity and Polycystic ovary syndrome