Dr Lauren Clunie


Lecturer in Clinical Anatomy

Role at Hull York Medical School

Lauren is the programme director for the MSc in Clinical Anatomy (and Education). On this programme, she is the module lead for the Clinical Anatomy of the Trunk and Radiological Anatomy modules, and supervises a number of MSc projects - particularly those with an education focus.

In addition to the delivery of teaching on the MSc programme, Lauren is heavily involved in the delivery of anatomy teaching for both the Gateway to Medicine and Phase 1 students. Within the MBBS programme, Lauren leads Block 5 "The CNS and normal neuromuscular and musculoskeletal function" in Year 1 and the Human Biology II module in Term 2/3 of the Gateway to Medicine programme.

Lauren is also Chair of the Hull York Medical School Postgraduate Programme Board. In this role she has oversight of the entirety of postgraduate studies, including establishing and reviewing appropriate regulations and procedures for the operations, development, quality assurance and enhancement of postgraduate taught and research programmes covering all aspects of learning, teaching, and student experience. The Postgraduate Programme Board reports to the Hull York Medical School Board of Studies and Joint Senate Committee.


Lauren has been teaching anatomy since 2013 and is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Before joining Hull York Medical School in 2019, Lauren was teaching and studying at the University of Leeds, UK. Her PhD investigated the factors influencing students use of technology-enhanced learning (TEL) resources and examined the current levels of TEL evaluation within the field of anatomical education.

Prior to this, Lauren had a role at the University of Glasgow that involved teaching anatomy to medical students, speech and language therapists and to students on the MSc in Medical Visualisation and Human Anatomy programme - a programme Lauren completed in 2013.


Lauren's main professional interests lie in anatomical education - covering (1) the development and evaluation of anatomy learning resources; (2) the impact of technology-enhanced learning (TEL) resources on all stakeholders, and; (3) the integration of anatomy into the wider medical curriculum, particularly through the use of radiology.

Lauren utilises both quantitative and qualitative methodologies in her research and is an active peer-reviewer for anatomical and educational journals.


Module Lead

  • Radiological Anatomy (MSc in Clinical Anatomy and Education)
  • Clinical Anatomy of the Trunk (MSc in Clinical Anatomy and Education)
  • Human Biology II (Gateway to Medicine Programme)


  • Clinical Anatomy of the Limbs and Spine (MSc in Clinical Anatomy and Education)
  • Clinical Anatomy of the Head and Neck (MSc in Clinical Anatomy and Education)
  • Embryology and Clinical Neuroanatomy (MSc in Clinical Anatomy and Education)
  • Educational Research (MSc in Clinical Anatomy and Education)
  • Phase 1, MBBS Anatomy
  • Resource Sessions
  • Phase 1, MBBS Lectures
  • Physician Associate

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