Dr Laura Sadofsky

Senior Lecturer in Respiratory Medicine

Role at Hull York Medical School

Dr Laura Sadofsky is a Senior Lecturer in Respiratory Medicine in the Centre for Atherothrombotic and Metabolic Research.


Dr Laura Sadofsky's group is interested in the role of ion channels, specifically the thermo-TRPs (Transient Receptor Potential ion channels) and the purinoceptors, in cough and airways inflammation. Her laboratory is currently using human cells and tissue to develop models of the human airways. Using these models, they hopes to better understand the changes which occur in the airways in response to viruses as well as environmental stimuli and pharmaceuticals.

  • Phase I block lead for Cardiorespiratory Systems (blocks 2 and 13).
  • Academic Lead for Postgraduate Training and programme lead for the Hull York Medical School postgraduate training scheme (PGTS).
  • Teaches pharmacology on the MSc Pharmacology and Drug Development. Module lead for Bench to Bedside 1: Design and Discovery.
  • Teaches on the Centre for Atherothrombosis and Metabolic Disease SSIP.
  • Supervises students on the Phase 2 SSIP.
  • Supervises research students including undergraduates and postgraduates


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Postgraduate research supervision

Three PhD students successfully supervised to completion as the primary supervisor.

Current PhD students

Rebecca Stinson - The use of Precision Cut Lung Slices to investigate the effect of the Human Rhinovirus on airways inflammation.

Basir Ahmad

Lauren Jenner - The effect of environmental contaminants on the airways

External roles

British Pharmacological Society Ambassador