Professor John Greenman


Professor of Tumour Immunology


John is a tumour immunologist with extensive experience of developing lab on a chip technology for analysing tumour biopsies.

He has published 189 peer-reviewed publications and his interdisciplinary immunobiology research group works closely with clinicians, chemists and engineers. The majority of his research work has focused on tumours of the head and neck region, identifying novel markers of progression or treatment response.


Although from an immunology background, Professor Greenman is extremely interested in understanding how the immune system is often subverted during carcinogenesis, and more importantly how such knowledge can be used clinically (diagnostically, prognostically or therapeutically). The use of human tissue on microfluidic devices offers a platform to test drugs and realise personalised medicine.


BSc Biomedical Science

- Microbiology and Immunology
- Clinical Microbiology and Immunology
- Professional and Research skills for Biomedical Sciences
- Cancer Biology
- Final Year Research Projects

MSc Biomedical Sciences

- Research Project and Dissertation


An array of collaborative projects split equally between between academia and industry in the UK and across Europe.

Postgraduate research supervision

Has successfully supervised more than 90 postgraduate students.  Currently the research group led by Prof Greenman and Dr Victoria Green has 11 members (PhD, MD, MSc (Research) working on the topics below.

Possible PhD and MD research topics:

1) Use of microfluidic devices to main human tissue for exploration of response to therapy

2) Immunobiology of head and neck squamous carcinoma.

External roles

External Examiner for Biomedical Sciences - Chester University
External Examiner for Biomedical Sciences - De Montfort University
Member of UoA3 REF Panel 2021
Member of UKRI Talent & Skills Panel College