Dr Heidi Baseler


Lecturer in Imaging Sciences

Role at Hull York Medical School

Heidi is a Lecturer at Hull York Medical School and the Department of Psychology, University of York.

Departmental roles

  • Deputy Chair Board of Studies (Hull York Medical School)
  • INSPIRE Programme Lead (undergraduate research) (Hull York Medical School)
  • Block Lead:  The CNS and normal neuromuscular and musculoskeletal function (Hull York Medical School)
  • Block Lead:  Neurological, neuromuscular and musculoskeletal disease (Hull York Medical School)
  • Early Career Researchers Forum Committee (Psychology)
  • York Neuroimaging Centre Research Governance Committee (Psychology)
  • York Neuroimaging Centre Science Committee (Psychology)




I am a member of the Experimental Medicine and Biomedicine research group.

My current research focus is to understand the neural mechanisms specialised for processing central and peripheral vision, and how these mechanisms respond to sensory loss (visual or auditory).


Current research projects include:

  • Determining the neural basis of superior visual performance in the deaf
  • Monitoring recovery of cortical visual function in patients with visual deficits (e.g. age-related macular degeneration, genetic visual disorders, brain trauma)


  • Neuroimaging:  MRI, including functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS), quantitative MRI, myelin mapping, hyperpolarisation
  • Electrophysiology:  Multifocal electroencephalography (EEG), electroretinography (ERG)

Research group(s)

  • Archana Airody (Hull York Medical School, MD student)
  • Anthony Bateson (Hull York Medical School, PhD student)
  • Holly Brown (Psychology, Research associate)
  • Alexandra Levine (Psychology, PhD student)
  • Barbara Molz (Psychology, Marie Curie ITN PhD student)
  • Rachel Woodall (Psychology, Research associate)


  • University of Lille: ‘ACTIVIS: Active vision and functional reorganization in people with central or peripheral vision loss’, 2016, Co-I
  • University of York Research Priming Fund: ‘Mapping neural responses across the visual field using multifocal electrophysiology’, 2015, PI
  • Wellcome Trust ISS/C2D2 Career Establishment Grant: ‘Assessing visual cortex in candidates for retinal prosthetics’, 2015-17, PI
  • European Commission – Innovative Training Networks (ITN):  ‘NextGenVis: Training the Next Generation of European Visual Neuroscientists for the benefit of innovation in health care and high-tech industry’, 2015-19, Co-I
  • Fight for Sight: ‘Assessing the status of visual cortex in patients with macular disease’, 2014-2017, Co-I





  • Psychology, MSc Cognitive Neuroscience, Project supervision

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External roles


Editorial duties

  • Ad hoc reviewer for various publications in neuroscience and vision