Florence Reedy

BA (hons), MA

Research Assistant

Role at Hull York Medical School

Florence is a research assistant working on a sub-study as part of the MABEL trial, funded by the National Institute for Health Research. The trial is a parallel group, double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled trial comparing the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of low dose oral modified release morphine versus placebo on patient-reported worst breathlessness in people with chronic breathlessness. The sub-study is a mixed-methods study, using Normalisation Process Theory to structure data collection and analysis of clinicians', patients' and carers' perspectives on the experience of and attitudes about morphine use for chronic breathlessness.


Florence has a degree in Philosophy and Politics from Manchester Metropolitan University and a Masters in International Development from the University of Manchester. She has submitted a PhD at the University of Hull entitled: The Experiences of Feminist Academic Activists Attempting to Challenge the Rules of the Game in UK Universities.

During her PhD Florence has worked as a researcher within health including on the CANASSESS study, a project exploring the feasibility of testing a needs assessment tool for use in primary care and a study at Newcastle University exploring primary care practitioners' perspectives on mental health transitions between child and adolescent mental health services and adult mental health services. She has also taught at the University of Hull within health including on health research and LGBTQ and mental health.