Ekaterina Stansfield


Marie Curie Research Fellow

Role at Hull York Medical School

My prime interest is evolution and adaptation processes in modern humans and my current research addresses the question of the evolutionary impact that changes in diet may have caused due to transition from hunting and gathering to agriculture. I am addressing this problem from biomechanical point of view by means of investigating the response that mandibles of Upper Palaeolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic and modern humans have due to masticatory loading. I am using Finite Element analysis and geometric morphometrics as main tools for the research. This project is funded by the Marie Curie European Fellowship.


I have received my PhD in Anthropology and Human Evolution in 2007 from the University College London. I have since worked at the Senkenberg Naturhistorische Museum, Frankfurt am Main, and the Institute and Museum of Anthropology, Moscow State University, while still rising and young family. I have started to collaborate with Prof. Paul O’Higgins on questions of biomechanics of mastication in primates in 2009 and started a Marie Curie Research fellowship at the University of York in 2015.


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