Dr Daniel Preece


Lecturer in Forensic Science

Role at Hull York Medical School

Lecturing on the forensic science modules and leading modules in drug analysis/identification and introduction to forensic science.


After obtaining a BSc (hons) in Forensic and Analytical Science at Sheffield Hallam University, I moved on to become a forensic drug analyst for 4 years before working with the NHS. Following this I pursued a PhD at the University of Sheffield, studying the tribological properties of contaminated gloves for forensic and clinical purposes. I then worked at RGU in Aberdeen, lecturing on the forensics and analytical science programme before joining the University of Hull in 2022.


I have a diverse interests in research, looking at tribological aspects of polymer materials, as well as how glove polymers and different membrance can prevent/aid the identification of fingermarks and footmarks.


I teach on the BSc for the Forensic Science programmes and I am currently teaching on the Introduction to Forensic Science and the Forensic Analysis of Drugs modules.

Honours and awards

Foster and Freeman Award for Outstanding Performance on an Undergraduate Project

Best paper award 2020 for International Journal of Ergonomics (CSC Journals)

National Innovation Placement Funding (NPIF) – awarded in 2019 for work placement to aid PhD and support UK business innovation.