Outreach in the Health Professions Education Unit

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The Health Professions Education Unit leads and participates in a range of outreach, public engagement and science communication events.
These range from seminars and lectures on research to interactive workshops for the general public or school audiences.
We also assist with work for television, especially involving anatomical body painting.

Gabrielle Finn doing anatomical body painting at the Manchester Science and Industry Museum

Anatomical body painting

Body painting is considered by some to be the most ancient form of art, but is now most frequently seen on the face, usually at sporting events or children’s parties. However, body painting is now being used in the medical setting as a way of projecting the inside on to the outside.

Professor Gabrielle Finn has been working with body paint as a teaching tool for healthcare students for over a decade, conducting research on its efficacy and training others in its use.

The Health Professions Education Unit facilitates seminars, displays and interactive workshops on anatomy and body painting.

Our past body painting events

Select past events include:

  • Culture Cure: Late Night at the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry
  • Science Night at The Centre for Life, Newcastle
  • Researchers Revealed at the Hancock Museum, Newcastle
  • British Science Festival
  • Northern Ireland Science Festival

Royal Institution Christmas Lecture 2018

A recent highlight was an invitation to body paint for the Royal Institution Christmas Lecture 2018: 'Who am I?', by Professor Alice Roberts.
The programme was broadcast on the BBC, resulting in painting and anatomical teaching by Professor Gabrielle Finn being beamed into millions of homes around the world.

Royal Institution Christmas Lectures 2018

Enquire about hosting an outreach activity

If you are interested in hosting an outreach activity, from school workshops to science festivals, please contact us at

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