Postgraduate training scheme

If you are a research student with us, studying for a PhD, MPhil or MSc by thesis, your study programme also includes our postgraduate training scheme. This is designed to develop both specialist and transferable skills alongside your main research project.

Employers, funding agencies and professional bodies increasingly ask that postgraduate students have undergone training of this kind, so it is designed to be a major contributor to your personal development planning.

How it works

To meet the requirements of the scheme, you choose training modules from a range offered by our parent universities, Hull and York. There are two main types of module:

  • Modules that develop transferable skills, such as making presentations
  • Modules that develop specialist skills in your discipline, such as advanced statistics

By choosing a mixture of these modules, you can put together a programme that is tailored to your individual needs, as agreed with your supervisor and thesis advisory panel. The Academic Lead for postgraduate training can also advise you about this.

You may also be able to take accredited modules at other universities, or to include your own accredited prior learning. You should discuss these possibilities with your supervisor. If you apply for accredited prior learning, we will consider whether to approve this.


The number of training scheme credits you need for your degree is shown below:

Postgraduate training scheme credits
 Degree Total credits Maximum APL credits Training scheme duration
PhD  60  40 3 years (you are encourage to complete most modules within 2 years)
MPhil  40  20 2 years
MSc by thesis  20  10 1 years