MediCafé weekly live web chat series

When: Every Wednesday, 12noon

Here at Hull York Medical School, we help prospective students fulfil their ambition of studying Medicine.

To help your students on their journey to medical school, we run the MediCafé – a series of weekly live web chats for prospective medical students in school years 9-13.

If you are interested in studying Medicine, come along to our live web chats every Wednesday at 12noon, and find out more about key topics such as the medicine application, student life as a medical student, work experience, and medicine interviews.

The events are an opportunity for you to chat with our staff as well as current Medicine students, who can provide knowledge based upon their own personal experiences.

Whether you are simply considering medicine at this stage, or are completely certain that it’s the route that you want to go down, MediCafé is open to all students interested in a future in medicine.

No software or account is required - simply join in below!

Upcoming MediCafé live web chats

MediCafé live web chats
Wednesday 29 April, 12noon

The medicine application process

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In our first MediCafé session we’ll be focusing on the overall application process for Medicine. This will include:

  • Thinking about necessary qualifications for your Medicine degree (GCSEs and A Levels)
  • What is UCAS and how is this application different for Medicine
  • The medicine application timeline, including admissions tests and interviews
  • What you can be thinking about at the moment and how to keep on track for Medicine
Wednesday 6 May, 12noon

Choosing a course and medical school

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This session will focus on the key research you’ll need to do before deciding where you would like to apply to study medicine. This will include:

  • How to research medicine degrees, what to look for, and thinking about what’s right for you
  • Different teaching styles at different medical schools
  • How important is location?
  • Does it matter where you study?
Wednesday 13 May, 12noon

Work experience

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One of the most talked about elements of the medicine application process is of course work experience. This session will focus on different types of work experience, how to get it, and what can you do in the current Covid-19 situation. This will include:

  • What types of work experience to get
  • How to make the most of your work experience
  • Reflection – what is it, and how can it work for you?
  • Using your work experience in your application
  • Covid-19 and work experience
Wednesday 20 May, 12noon

Admissions tests: UCAT and BMAT

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Different Medical Schools may ask for you to sit an admissions test to support your application. This session focuses on the UCAT and the BMAT, the two key admissions tests for medical schools in the UK. This will include:

  • The UCAT – what is it?
  • The BMAT – what is it?
  • Which medical schools ask for which test?
  • Preparing for admissions tests – our top tips
Wednesday 27 May, 12noon

Medicine interviews

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In this session we’ll be looking at different types of Medicine interviews and how you can make the most of them. This will include:

  • Different types of medicine interviews
  • How to prepare for your interview
  • Making the most of your interview
  • Frequently asked questions about interviews
Wednesday 3 June, 12noon

Student life

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Being a student at university is an exciting and often scary prospect, and being a medical student is a unique experience in itself. In this session, we’ll be joined by current medical students to talk about their experiences at medical school and to answer your questions about student life. This will include:

  • Living at university
  • Studying at university
  • Balancing study and socialising
  • Sports and societies
  • Life on placement
  • Frequently asked questions about being a medical student
Wednesday 10 June, 12noon

Plan B

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Sometimes things don’t always go to plan, and you may not end up in your ideal situation first time around. In this session we’ll be looking at the importance of having a Plan B and thinking about ‘what ifs.’ This will include:

  • Some possible scenarios that require a Plan B when applying to medicine
  • What are your options?
  • How are you going to prepare for your Plan B?
Do I need to create an account in order to access the live web chats?

No. The live web chat software we use simply requires you to add your name before you ask a question, there is no account creation required.

I am unable attend a session I would really like information on, will I be able to get that after the live event?

Yes, the session content will remain online for 6 days after the session has finished so that you can go through and find any information you may like. If you have questions after this point, please contact the Outreach Team (outreach@hyms.ac.uk)

There’s a topic I would like more information on, but it’s not listed as a MediCafé session. How can I find out more about it?
If you would like more information about a specific topic, please contact the Outreach Team (outreach@hyms.ac.uk). We may be running more live web chats in the future, and any requests for specific sessions will be taken into consideration.