Model of a human heart

Model of a human heart

Vision and mission

We are committed to transforming the health of people within our region and beyond – through our students, staff and the impact of our teaching and research.

Our strategic objectives

Outreach, Engagement and Partnership

We will make an impact on health services in our region

  • We will form effective partnerships with the NHS, patient and public representatives, volunteer and third sector organisations, local government and schools
  • We will contribute to the health of local communities through our education, research and community engagement
  • We will promote applications to train in medicine from under doctored parts of the region and support efforts to recruit and retain doctors in these areas
  • We will build a thriving alumni community which contributes to our success

Organisation, Culture and Values

We will be a high performing organisation which provides an inclusive and supportive environment for all students, staff and partners

  • We will create a supportive environment, where staff and students are respected and trusted
  • We will create an environment where staff and students are expected to perform at the highest level of their ability and where peoples’ contribution is recognised and valued
  • We will create highly effective teams, empowered to develop solutions which enable us to achieve our shared goals
  • We will support the development and progression of all staff, including the careers of women in science to achieve the aims of Athena SWAN


We will offer a nationally leading and internationally known medical education programme that produces very high quality doctors who are also equipped to be professional and academic leaders and managers.

  • We will make it possible for our students to have an outstanding learning experience, which equips them with high levels of personal, professional and clinical competences, knowledge and attitudes. Students will become independent learners and scholar-practitioners who are evidence-based, safe, flexible and highly competent to work in teams
  • We will support our students to become innovators who will create, adopt and spread change to enhance health services and improve the health of the population
  • We will inspire the next generation of clinical academics by engaging and promoting students’ interest and involvement in research
  • We will promote access to the Hull York Medical School MB BS among people from disadvantaged backgrounds who have high academic ability and other relevant attributes
  • We will pursue opportunities for growing the MB BS
  • We will develop and effectively market, postgraduate and short courses that meet the needs of the NHS, health professionals, researchers, managers and service users

Research and Enterprise

We will have excellent and sustainable research teams in our core areas, generating important findings and translating these into benefits for society.

  • We will focus our resources on fostering high-performing research groups with intellectually coherent research programmes where we can achieve critical mass and be nationally and internationally competitive. Where relevant, these will be aligned with NHS priorities. We will seek substantial investment to achieve step changes in these areas of research
  • We will support researchers by ensuring excellent physical, methodological and administrative research infrastructure
  • We will attract and train high-quality postgraduate research students in order to increase research power and build the next generation of researchers
  • We will increase our research income and the contribution (margin) from research and manage these resources well in order to increase security and meet our goals