Professor Barry Wright


Director of Research (York)

Role at Hull York Medical School

Barry is a consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist. He is clinical advisor to the Board for child mental health services in the Leeds and York Partnership Foundation Trust. He is Clinical Lead for the National Deaf Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, which achieved National Commissioning Group funding in April 2009, with bases in York, London, Dudley and Taunton. Barry runs the Mental Health curriculum at Hull York Medical School in Year 3, and sits on the school's Admissions Committee. For more information about research interests please visit the COMIC website.

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Principal Investigator




Early parenting interventions for families with young children showing severe attachment problems: an integrated evidence synthesis


Oct 2011-


Are Social Stories for children with autism in mainstream schools effective?

NIHR Health

Oct 2011-


Adapting, translating and validating the services research child, parent and teacher versions of the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire for deaf children 

NIHR Research for Patient Benefit programme

July 2011-


Computerised cognitive behaviour therapy for depression in adolescents. A randomised controlled trial.

YorkNeuroimaging Research Fund

(2007 – date)


Brain Activation Differences between ASD and controls when viewing emotions on faces.

YorkNeuroimaging Research Fund

(2007 – date)


A magnetoencephalography study of brain activation changes before and after cognitive behaviour therapy for spider phobia


(2008- date)


Serotonin transporter gene status as a predictor of recovery after surgery

London Law Trust / YorkInnovations Funds

(completed Jan 2010)

Pilot RCT of melatonin and placebo children with autism and severe sleep disorders

York Innovations Fund

(completed 2008)


Emotional recognition in young people with Asperger syndrome compared to age, sex, IQ matched controls

PPP Healthcare

(completed 2006)


Adolescent CFS/ME treatment RCT





The psychological and mental health assessment of young offenders: a systematic review (November 2010)

CI Dean McMillan