Samantha Atkinson

BSc, PhD

Post Doctoral Research Assistant

Role at Hull York Medical School

Sam is a post-doctoral research associate in Dr Laura Sadofsky's respiratory medicine research group.

  • PhD in Medical Sciences, HYMS, University of Hull, UK (2018)
  • BSc in Biomedical Science, University of Hull, UK (2014)

Dr Samantha Atkinson is a post-doctoral research associate in the Centre for Atherothrombotic and Metabolic Research working as part of Dr Laura Sadofsky's respiratory research group. She investigates the role of respiratory viral infection and the mechanism involved in the development of infectious cough.

Other current research interests are the pharmacology of thermo-TRP channels and endosomal trafficking.


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Key publications

ATKINSON, S. K., SADOFSKY, L. R. & MORICE, A. H. 2016. How does rhinovirus cause the common cold cough? BMJ Open Respir Res, 3, e000118.