Dr Julie Seymour


Reader in Medical Sociology

Role at Hull York Medical School

Julie Seymour is a Reader in Sociology specialising in families, health and methodology. She is Academic Lead for the Medical Sociology component of the MBBS which aims to complement the teaching of medicine by examining the social, economic and political context in which it is practiced. She supervises doctoral students, is on the Hull York Medical School Postgraduate Programme Board and leads the SEDA Postgraduate Workshop programme. She is the SEDA Lead for the Student Scholarship and Special Interest Programme (SSIPs) and a member of the 'Health and Society' and 'Professionalisation' Theme Groups.


Julie Seymour is a Reader in Sociology at the Hull York Medical School. She is a member of the SEDA (Supportive care, Early Diagnosis and Advanced disease) research group based in Hull. With an initial degree in Geography, a Masters in research methods and an ESRC scholarship funded PhD in Sociology, Julie has lectured and researched in the areas of sociology, families and health at the Universities of Manchester, York and Hull. Julie was the national convenor (with Esther Dermott, Bristol) of the British Sociological Association Family Study Group. She is a research reviewer for the ESRC and for the National Science Centre, Poland.

She is on the Editorial Board for the BSA journal Sociology and reviews for numerous journals including Sociology, Sociological Research Online, Women’s Studies International Forum, Journal of Gender Studies, Social Research Methodology: Theory and Practice, Gender, Work and Organisation, Social Policy and Society, Social Science and Medicine, Food, Culture and Society, Families, Relationships and Societies, Culture Unbound (Sweden), Global Studies of Childhood and the Journal of Family Studies. She has been a visiting scholar at King's University College, University of Western Ontario and at Vilnius University, Lithuania. She is a Board Member of the Centre for the Study of Childhood and Youth at the University of Sheffield and has co-researched and published with several of these childhood researchers. She is also a member of the Behavioural and Social Scientists Teaching in medicine (BeSST) who have proposed a core sociology curriculum for UK Medical schools to the General Medical Council.


Julie Seymour's research focus is on the family and the social study of childhood and this has been applied to chronic illness and disability, care relationships and family and professionals' emotional labour. She was Principal Investigator on an ESRC/KTP funded project with colleagues in Academic Medicine looking at the dissemination of evidence-based medical practice. New research topics include the impact of home telemonitoring on family lives and relationships, for which she has received HEIF-5 funding with colleagues in The Centre for Telehealth and the Faculty of Health and Social Care. Current research interests include the family liaison and emotional labour of Medical School Anatomy Unit staff after the body has been donated which contributes to an ESRC funded Research Seminar. She has supervised doctoral theses which investigated chronic pain and masculinity, depression and identity, attitudes to disability and hospital discharge of older people.

Committee Member, British Sociological Association Yorkshire Medical Sociology Group

Recent Research Funding

  • 2018-2022  NIHR HTA £1.4m - ‘A parallel group, double-blind, randomized placebo-controlled trial comparing the efficacy and cost effectiveness of low dose oral modified release morphine (MRM) versus placebo on the intensity of worst breathlessness in people with chronic breathlessness’, PI: Miriam Johnson. Co-Investigators: Julie Seymour, Simon Hart
  • 2017-2022 Yorkshire Cancer Research Endowment Fund £4.9m. ‘TRANSFORMing Cancer Outcomes in Yorkshire’, PIs: Una Macleod, Miriam Johnson. Co-Investigators: Victoria Allgar, Jason Boland, Graeme Duthie, Judith Dyson, Mike Lind, Anthony Maraveyas, Yasmin Merali, Liz Mitchell, Fliss Murtagh, Julie Seymour, P. Wohland.
  • 2017-2019 Lithuanian Research Council 99 921Euros. ‘Global Migration and Lithuanian Family: Family Practices, Circulation of Care and Return Strategies’, PI Irena Juozeliuniene. Co-Investigator Project Consultant Julie Seymour
  • 2016 City of Culture Programme Fund/British Council for ‘The Word is Hull’  £50k & Arts Council England match funding. ‘Re-encountering those we have lost’, University of Hull, 9th November 2017, Julie Seymour and Trish Green, £1280
  • 2016 ESRC Festival of Social Sciences £800. ‘Health and Illness in Our Everyday Lives’ Exhibition, KCOM Lightstream Stadium, Hull, 12th November. Julie Seymour
  • 2016 Wolfson Foundation £500k. Wolfson Centre for Palliative Care Research, PIs: Miriam Johnson, Una Macleod, Anthony Maraveyas, Davis Currow (Australia) Julie Jomeen, Jon Blenskinsopp, Julie Seymour, Jason Boland, Pia Wohland.
  • 2016 Academy of Medical Sciences INSPIRE Vocational Projects £800. ‘Content Analysis of Social Media Responses to Body Donation Documentary’, PIs: Julie Seymour, Trish Green, Chaitra Dinesh.
  • 2015-16 Cancer Research UK £90K 'Age related aspects of help-seeking behaviours: a qualitative study exploring older people's fatalistic attitudes towards ill health and dying'. PIs: Julie Walabyeki, Una Macleod. Co-Investigators: Joy Adamson (York), Karl Atkin (York), Julie Seymour, Katrina Whitaker (York).
  • 2014-17 Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Research Seminar Series £30k (ES/MOO2071/1). 'On Encountering Corpses: Political. Socio-economic and Cultural Aspects of Contemporary Encounters with Dead Bodies'. PI: Craig Young (MMU). CIs: Douglas Davies (Durham), John Troyer (Bath) Julie Rugg (York) Julie Seymour, Trish Green (HYMS) , Phil Stone (UCLAN), Duncan Sayer (UCLAN).
  • 2012 Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF-5) £5.7k 'Home Telemonitoring and Family Lives'. PI: Julie Seymour. CI:Clare Whitfield (Faculty of Health and Social Care).
  • 2009 University of Hull, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Strategic Research Support Fund, £1.1k 'Selling the Family: Imagery and Reality in Family-owned Hospitality Establishments'.
  • 2004-7 ESRC/KTP funded project £118k 'Application and dissemination of a new technique for matching nebulisers to patients'. PI: Julie Seymour, CIs: Alyn Morice.

Research Advisory Board Member

  • DoH funded project "Child BereavementUK Regional Development Project", (2015-2016)
  • Macmillan funded project "Building Resilience" (2015) Hull Churches/HYMS.
  • ESRC funded project “Food Practices in an Institutional Context: Children, Care and Control”,

University of Stirling (2006-2009)

  • Leverhulme Trust funded project “Making Healthy Families”, University of Sheffield (2006-2008)
  • ESRC Funded project “A Cross-Generational Investigation of the Making of Heterosexual Relationships",

University of Sheffield (2001-2003).


Julie is Academic lead for the medical sociology component of the MBBS. Her teaching areas also include the sociology of disability, families and intimate relationships as well as qualitative and quantitative methods for undergraduates, postgraduates and practitioners. She has taught postgraduate students in Hong Kong, Bahrain, South Africa and Canada.


Selected Publications


Hackett, A., Procter, L. and Seymour, J. (eds) (2015) Children's Spatialities: Embodiment, Emotion and Agency, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. http://www.palgrave.com/page/detail/children-s-spatialities-abigail-hackett/?sf1=barcode&st1=9781137464972

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Working Papers

Waudby, C., Seymour, J., Morice, A. and Wright, G. (2007) Not a Proclamation but a Process: The Effective Dissemination of Research Evidence in Health and Social Care, Working Papers in Social Sciences and Policy No. 19, Hull: University of Hull.


Visiting Scholar - University of Western Ontario - Canada

Visiting Scholar - Vilnius University, Lithuania. A research conference and invited seminar has resulted in a collaborative publication with scholars from Germany, UK and Lithuania: Juozeliuniene, I. and Seymour, J. (eds) (2015) Family Change in Times of the De-bordering of Europe and Global Mobility: Resources, Processes and Practices, Vilnius, Lithuania: University of Lithuania Press.

Collaborations with colleagues at CSCY in Sheffield have led to the edited collection: Hackett, A., Procter, L. and Seymour, J. (eds) (2015) Children’s Spatialities: Embodiment, Emotion and Agency, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Academic /Arts collaboration 'On (Re)encountering those we have Lost' for Hull City of Culture funded event (2017) with Costa prize-winning poet Christopher Reid (FRSL) and performance artist Zoë Uí Fhaoláin.

Postgraduate research supervision

PhD Supervision

Doctorates awarded:

Jenny Louise - Rethinking Person Kinds (Adult survivors of child sexual abuse)
Ruth Garbutt - Disability and Citizenship: an emancipatory study of professionals' attitudes to disabled people
Lyn Ibson - Gendered Treatment Programmes for Female Substance Abusers
Julie Killingbeck - Experiencing the meaning of depression: Gender, 'Self' and Society
Claire Thomas - Chronic Pain and being a Man: No Man's Land
Clare Whitfield - Moving Home: Exploring Older People's Experiences of Hospital Discharge
Karin Cooper - Kinship Carers' Own Children: Revealing multiple perspectives on children's experiences of Kinship Care Arrangements
Julie Walsh - Migrant Families and Community cohesion: An Evaluation of the Concept of Displaying Families'

Current supervisees:

Richard Gellejah - Integrating Traditional Healing and Westernized Medicine in Tanzania
Lisa Revell - Neglect: Capturing Children's Narratives
Zivarna Murphy - Anatomy Unit staff liaison with donors' families post donation
Claire Reid: Haemodialysis treatment: what matters for patients?
TAPS panel member: 
Alison Bravington - Setting cancer survivorship in context
Kim Sein - Apathy in Huntingdon's disease
Hannah Miles - 'Best Start' in Motherhood
Mo Aye - Patients' and Carers' experiences of Hip Fracture

External roles
  • External Examiner - Dept of Sociology, Keele; MA in Social Research, University of Ulster; MA in Social Research, University of Sheffield
  • External doctoral thesis examiner