Athena SWAN

Committed to equality

The Athena SWAN Charter process recognises commitment to advancing women’s careers in science, technology, engineering, maths and medicine (STEMM). By being part of Athena SWAN, we are committed to a progressive charter; adopting these principles within our policies, practices, action plans and culture.

In May 2015, the Charter was expanded to recognise work undertaken in arts, humanities, social sciences, business and law (AHSSBL), and in professional and support roles, and for trans staff and students. The Charter now recognises work undertaken to address gender equality more broadly, and not just barriers to progression that affect women. The Dean, on behalf of the Medical School, has pledged our commitment to the expanded Charter to the Equality Charter Unit.

Our aim is to provide an inclusive and supportive environment for all of our students, staff and partners – enabling them to develop and progress whatever their aspirations. We are delighted to be recognised by Athena SWAN for our commitment and work in supporting gender equality.

Professor Una Macleod Dean and practising GP


Athena SWAN Silver Award

We are proud to have been awarded the Athena SWAN Silver Award in September 2016, and previously awarded the Bronze Award in November 2013 for our achievement and hard work promoting gender equality.

Our Athena SWAN self-assessment team was established in 2012, chaired at that time by Professor Una Macleod and a number of staff were involved in scoping existing support and processes, developing an action plan and gathering evidence to identify improvement options.

In order to achieve a silver award, the self-assessment team worked with colleagues to identify particular challenges, and taken actions to respond to these, which has had a demonstrable impact on the school. The current Silver award is valid until November 2019. 

Self-assessment team

The self-assessment team is a committee in place to ensure the Athena SWAN self-assessment process takes place correctly. The team includes at least one representative from each staff group comprising of a mixture of grades and roles representing different stages of the career ladder, and includes student representation. The self-assessment team meets monthly monitoring the progress of the current action plan, inputting into new submissions and analysing data to monitor trends and identify new actions where needed.

Members of the self-assessment team
Athena SWAN steering group
Name Role 
Victoria Allgar
Co-Chair (York)
Data working group co-lead
Senior Lecturer in Medical Statistics 
Joanna Micklethwaite
Co-Chair (Hull)
Career progression working group co-lead
Assessment and Progression Manager
Sarah Fordham Programme Manager
Alexandra Abel Undergraduate student
Ahmed Aburima  Research Fellow
Shamsuddeen Aliyu
Student experience working group team member
Postgraduate student
Nicki Collinson
Data working group team member
Organisation and culture working group team member
HR Advisor, Hull York Medical School and University of Hull
Kit Fan
Student experience working group co-lead
Project Officer, Hull York Medical School Postgraduate Centre
Gabrielle Finn
Career progression working group co-lead
Director of Masters in Health Professions Education (Equality and Diversity Deputy, York)
Roxana Freeman
Athena SWAN Project Officer
Communications working group lead
Data working group team member
Project Coordinator
Anna Hammond
Organisation and culture working group co-lead
Academic Lead for Clinical Skills & Reasoning (Equality and Diversity Champion, York)
Katherine Harris  Undergraduate student
Corrine Howie
Data working group team member
Organisation and culture working group team member
HR Partner for Science Departments, University of York
Susan Isherwood
Organisation and culture working group co-lead
Executive Officer
Una Macleod  Dean of Hull York Medical School 
Liz Mitchell
Career progression working group team member
Senior Lecturer in Primary Care (Equality Champion, Hull)
Alison Pettigrew  Head of Quality and Standards
Laura Sadofsky
Career progression working group team member
Student experience working group team member
Non Clinical Lecturer CCMR
Kat Sanders
Student experience working group co-lead
Organisation and culture working group team member
Communications working group team member
Lecturer in Anatomy (Equality Deputy, Hull)
Paul Scott
Data working group co-lead
E-Learning Manager
Nadine Smith
Organisation and culture working group team member
Deputy Chief Operating Officer
Roger Sturmey Senior Lecturer, Postgraduate Programme Board Chair 


Working group

Our working groups have the role of reviewing current actions and develop new actions for the renewal application.

Members of the working groups

Leaders: Victoria Allgar and Paul Scott
Team: Victoria Team, Elaine Brookes, Corrine Howie (HR York), Nicki Collinson (HR Hull), Roxana Freeman

Career progression

Leaders: Gabrielle Finn, Joanna Micklethwaite
Team: Liz Mitchell, Laura Sadofsky

Organisation and culture

Leaders: Anna Hammond and Susan Isherwood
Team: Nicki Collinson, Corrine Howie, Nadine Smith, Kat Sanders

Student experience

Leaders: Kat Sanders and Kit Fan
Team: Shamsuddeen Aliyu, Laura Sadofsky


Leaders: Roxana Freeman
Team: Kat Sanders