HYMS Support Resources

What is our aim?

The Student Support Office provides friendly, confidential help to any student who experiences particular difficulty during their studies with HYMS. Much of this help is already available within the both Universities and the NHS but knowing where to go or who to approach can sometimes be challenging. The service aims to create an easy pathway into the care provided within the Universities and the NHS, enhance that care, and identify areas where support can be improved.  

Read HYMS Regulations and Codes of Practice 

HYMS Student Support Office - student.support@hyms.ac.uk

Student Support Assistant (Hull)

Janet Tasker

Telephone: 01482 463074

Email: student.support@hyms.ac.uk


Student Support Assistant (York)

Sarah Cox

Telephone: 01904 321695

Email: student.support@hyms.ac.uk



Academic Lead for Student Support

Professor Barry Wright




Student Support Manager

Gwen Irving

Telephone: 01482 464025

Email: student.support@hyms.ac.uk



HYMS Senior Advisors

The Senior Advisors are contactable through HYMS Student Support Office

HYMS Senior Advisor

Dr Lina Gega, York




HYMS Senior Advisor

Dr Jonathan Blakeborough, York




HYMS Senior Advisor

Dr Veronica McKay, York




HYMS Senior Advisor

Dr Alison Blakeborough, York




HYMS Senior Advisor

Dr Judith Dyson, Hull




HYMS Senior Advisor

Dr Jason Boland, Hull




HYMS Senior Advisor (PG students)

Dr Aziz Asghar, Hull/York