Conference bursaries

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Student research conference bursaries and scholarship schemes

HYMS is pleased to announce the continued availability of bursaries to support students in presenting papers or posters at conferences.

Eligibility requirements

The bursary is open to all students registered at HYMS including those on intercalated years.  Students undertaking research degrees are expected to approach Centre Heads and/or other research funders or collaborators for funding contributions in the first instance.   


Normally the value of the bursary will not be more than £100. Bursaries greater than £100 may be awarded in exceptional circumstances (e.g. travel to an international conference or an expensive registration fee.)  The upper limit on any single bursary award for this scheme is £200.  

Terms and conditions

  • The student is normally expected to present a poster or give an oral presentation. Bursaries are not available for the sole purpose of attending a conference.
  • A bursary application can be made prior to acceptance of a conference abstract, however bursary funds will not be released until the paper/poster abstract has been accepted for presentation
  • In their application the student should submit evidence that the supervisor of the work being presented has reviewed and supports the submission of the poster or abstract.
  • The work about which the presentation is being made must have adhered to all relevant governance and ethical regulatory approvals.
  • If the work being presented is output of a local clinical audit or effectiveness project the student should supply evidence that the host NHS Trust has approved it for external presentation
  • The student should be named in the programme or abstract and provide their HYMS address/affiliation.
  • Students should ensure that they have acquired the appropriate permission to attend any conference scheduled to take place during their course.

Applications should usually be made at least 6 weeks prior to the conference.  Applications will only be considered when all appropriate documentation is submitted. Retrospective applications will not be considered.

The successful applicant will be asked to submit a short report (maximum of 500 words) within 30 days of the conference which might be used by HYMS for publicity purposes.

Students should make no more than one application per academic year and no more than three applications in total throughout the course of their studies.

Application Procedure

Applicants are required to complete a Student Research Conference Bursary Application Form.  Within the application form the student should include:

  • a short abstract (250 word max) or attach the submitted conference abstract
  • details of the conference (including website if available)
  • approximate costs (e.g. registration, travel , accommodation, poster printing etc.)  
  • details about other funders approached or funding awarded
  • complete Bank Details Form

In addition they should submit or arrange for submission of:

  • evidence of review and support from the supervisor of the work (e.g. email or letter to this effect from supervisor) 
  • (if a presentation of results of a local clinical audit/service evaluation project) evidence that the host NHS Trust has approved it for external dissemination

Postgraduate students will also be expected to complete and submit:

  • a Student Expenses Claim Form for the University with which the student is primarily registered

The completed application form and attachments should be submitted electronically to


The applicant will usually be notified of the outcome within four weeks of submission.