IT Services is moving your HYMS e-mail to Microsoft Office365

  • When will this happen?

We are planning on doing the move to the new mail system in daily batches starting on the 11th September. We aim to have moved everybody by the end of September.

  • Why are we doing this?

Office 365 mail allows you to have a bigger mailbox and gives a better experience especially if you use the webmail client.

  • Why we are telling you this?

When we have moved you over you will need to make changes to use a different website for webmail and different settings to connect HYMS email to your phone/tablet or computer.

We will therefore contact you via e-mail around the end of August with the date we plan to move your mailbox. The mailbox will be moved overnight starting at 10pm and you will not have access to your mailbox whilst your mailbox is being moved.

  •  Will I get a reminder?

You will get a reminder shortly before the actual move.

  • Will I get help with accessing my HYMS Office 365 mailbox?

When we contact you next, we will also supply you with a link to guides which will help you access your new mailbox.