Dr Hong Chen

Research Fellow

Dr Hong Chen is a Research Fellow working on the Cancer Studies Yorkshire (CS-Y): Understanding and reducing inequalities for people with cancer in East Yorkshire. http://research.hyms.ac.uk/researchcentres/chaps/research/research-project/cancer-studies-yorkshire-(cs-y)

Dr. Hong Chen has extensive experience in health services research in the cancer context ranging from early diagnosis through to end of life care.  Her research interest has been to improve quality of life in cancer patients drawing on resources from family, health and social care systems and wider social and cultural context; and she has experience in designing, managing and conducting such research projects. She uses both qualitative and quantitative methods but her strength is in researching sensitive and complex issues relating to cancer among older people using qualitative methods.  

Current projects:


Research experiences (skills):

Early diagnosis of cancer, unplanned admissions in cancer patients, and end-of-life care studies- using qualitative methods mainly; systematic reviews- using narrative synthesis

Research interests:

Primary care, public health, health literacy, complex intervention, digital and visual research methods etc.

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Germain A, Nolan K, Doyle R, Mason S, Gambles M, Chen H, Smeding R, Ellershaw J. (2016) The use of reflective diaries in end of life training programmes: a study exploring the impact of self-reflection on the participants in a volunteer training programme. BMC Palliative Care, DOI: 10.1186/s12904-016-0096-5 (Open Access).

Chen H, Nicolson DJ, Macleod U, Allgar V, Dalgliesh C and Johnson M (2015) Does the use of specialist palliative care services modify the effect of socioeconomic status on place of death? A systematic review. Palliative Medicine, DOI: 10.1177/0269216315602590 (Open Access).

Chen H, Komaromy C and Valentine C (2014) From hope to hope: The experience of older Chinese people with advanced cancer. Health, 19(2): 154–171.