Dr Simon Calaminus

Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences and Pharmacology

Simon Calaminus obtained his PhD from the University of Birmingham in 2007 with a thesis which investigated the role of the actin cytoskeleton in platelet spreading and thrombus formation. He then completed post-doctoral studies in the laboratory of Professor Laura Machesky, at the Beatson Institute for Cancer Research, where he investigated the role of wnt signaling in megakaryocytes, alongside studies investigating the role of the actin cytoskeleton in both cancer cells and megakaryocytes. In 2012 he was appointed as a lecturer at Hull York Medical School in 2012, where he is now a principal investigator.


The main aim of my lab is to investigate the structure and function of a bone marrow cell, the Megakaryocyte.  The megakaryocyte has two main functions, the production of platelets and the maintenance of the bone marrow through the production of cytokines. The main aims of my lab are:

  • 1) To understand how the megakaryocyte manipulates the actin cytoskeleton to effectively complete migration and proplatelet formation and how this can be altered by the surrounding extracellular matrix

  • 2) To understand the signaling cascades which are involved in reorganisation of the actin cytoskeleton

  • 3) To understand the role of the megakaryocyte in the formation of myeloproliferative disorders


2015-2018: BHF PhD studentship “Platelet cAMP signaling controls thrombosis through
enhanced embolisation” (£106,468)

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 * Awarded 2007 Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis young scientist paper of the year

I am block lead for You are What you Eat, a Year 1 MBBS block which covers digestion, and the metabolism of carbohydrate, protein and lipids

In addition I am block lead for Year 2 block Kidney form and function, and Gastrointestinal pathophysiology, which cover the physiology, and function of the kidney, and diseases of the GI tract respectively.

In addition to this I am involved in teaching pharmacology to Year 1 and Year 2 MBBS students


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