Profile: Nick Brazel

  • Programme: Medicine (MBBS), 2008
  • Current job: ACCS Anaesthetics CT2, Northampton General Hospital

Where are you now?

I'm in my fourth year after graduation, currently in the second year of my acute care training, working in anaesthetics. I put people to sleep for operations and work in the intensive care unit.

I aim to specialise in anaesthetics and critical care. I live in Northampton now, but I hope to return to Yorkshire soon.

What do you remember from your time at HYMS?

My most memorable moment as a student was dropping the baby during my paediatrics assessment -- not ideal! Still passed though...

My best friends are three of the guys I lived with in Hull while at HYMS. And I'm still in contact with many of those I studied with.

Were there any staff who particularly inspired you?

My favourite member of staff was Bill Gillespie, the School’s first Dean.  He was so approachable and everyone smiled when he entered the room!

What advice would you give to someone thinking about medicine?

Medical training and my experiences afterwards have made me realise how important family and friends really are. Medicine is hard work and can dominate your life. But every day is an amazing experience, and I couldn't imagine doing anything else.

If I had one piece of advice I could give current or potential medical students, it would be: don't falter. It can be incredibly daunting at times, but work hard and you'll be rewarded.