Profile: Maddy Hover

  • Programme: Medicine (MBBS), 2008
  • Current job: Foundation year 2 doctor
  • Where are you now?

    Well, my grand career plans were mildly scuppered by finding out I was expecting a surprise baby at the end of my fourth year at HYMS! My son was born between the written and clinical finals -- but I passed, somehow, and started work as a less-than-full time junior doctor that August.

    I did my Foundation 1 years in York, and I'm now doing Foundation 2 years in Hull. By the time I start my specialty training, I'll have spent longer in the Foundation programme than at medical school, as we decided 'in for a penny, in for a pound' and had a couple more kids along the way!

    What do you remember from your time at HYMS?

    I enjoyed HYMS and did placements at all five sites. We got very good at travelling, and despite the grumbling it could be quite fun (although maybe that's the rose-tinted spectacles talking).

    The friends I made in the first hours after arriving at HYMS are still close friends now. As for me, I was rather loud and annoying as a student, but I'm generally too knackered these days to be quite so loud. Probably still annoying, though.

    How have you managed to juggle parenthood and medical training?

    My career plans have totally changed since graduating. I'd certainly never imagined being part-time -- it can be frustrating when all my peers are racing ahead and I'm mired in a sea of nappies and F2 training. And it does take longer to learn or achieve anything. But it can be done, and I've met enough people who've made it work to believe it can be done successfully.

    One important advantage I've had in doing things more slowly is that I've had time to think about what I want to do and to go with the flow, considering things I'd never previously thought about doing.

    What advice would you give to someone thinking about medicine?

    It's always nice to meet HYMS students on the wards, but don't ask me for any clinical advice. Ask someone clever instead.

    Maddy Hover