Profile: Jenny Banks

  • Programme: Medicine (MBBS), 2008
  • Current job: ST3 General Surgery

Where are you now?

I've just become a General Surgical Registrar, so I'm mainly in theatre learning how to operate, in clinics or looking after the day to day running of the ward. I've moved to Devon to start Higher Surgical training, having stayed around in Yorkshire for my previous years.

What do you remember from your time at HYMS?

I can remember the day we started, all sat out in the sunshine on Alcuin College lawn at York, full of anticipation for what the following five years would bring. Passing finals was pretty memorable too!

I made a lot of friends and we're very much still in touch now.

Did you feel well prepared for your career?

Yes, I think HYMS fosters doctors who are equipped to pursue any area in medicine. I had some great surgical tutors who got me hooked on surgery fairly early on in the game. But I fainted the first time I ever entered an operating theatre -- probably not the most promising start to a career in surgery!

Were there any staff who particularly inspired you?

I think we were all pretty fond of our founding Dean, Prof Gillespie, as well as Prof Cookson who oversaw the clinical side of things at the time. Prof Leveson was always great for surgical inspiration.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about medicine?

At uni, remember to get involved in everything and make time to have fun -- but don't be fooled into taking it easy in the third year, just because there isn't a summative exam. If you relax too much, it'll come back and bite you at the end of the fourth year!

I would definitely recommend a career in the medical profession but it's not like Casualty! I absolutely enjoyed my time at HYMS – it was 5 years of great fun, with some hard work along the way.

How would you sum up HYMS in three words?

Friendly, close-knit, supportive. (Or is that four?)