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A network for life

When you graduate from HYMS, either as a new doctor or as a postgraduate, you become a member of our Alumni Association -- a developing network of doctors and medical professionals across the north of England and beyond.

Wherever your career takes you, we hope you'll want to maximise opportunities for social and professional networking. We'll also value your support in a range of volunteering roles, including mentoring, e-mentoring, outreach and events, both social and professional. And we use our Pioneer magazine, this website, emails and our social media sites to keep you updated on these opportunities.

  • Jenny Banks

    ST3 General Surgery, Devon

    I've just become a General Surgical Registrar, so I'm mainly in theatre learning how to operate, in clinics, or looking after the day-to-day running of the ward.

  • Nick Brazel

    ACCS Anaesthetics CT2, Northampton

    Medicine is hard work and can dominate your life. But every day is an amazing experience, and I really couldn't imagine doing anything else.

  • Abbie Brooks

    GP Trainee, York

    My time at HYMS really did help my career choice. As a student, I experienced a number of different consultation styles, which allowed me to work on my own style and skills. 

  • Hannah Currie

    Hospice Medical Officer, New Zealand

    My career has taken me from the world's biggest intensive care unit to a 6-bed hospice in New Zealand. Not bad considering I'm only in my third year since graduating!

  • Maddy Hover

    FY2 doctor and mum of three, Yorkshire

    I'd never imagined being part-time -– it can be frustrating when all my peers are racing ahead and I'm mired in a sea of nappies and F2 training. But it can be done, and I've met enough people who've made it work to believe it can be done successfully.

  • Jess Morgan

    Academic Clinical Fellow in Child Health, York

    I thoroughly enjoyed my paediatric rotation as a medical student -- mainly because I spent several hours in the playroom, challenging children to games of Hungry Hippos and Guess Who!