14 June 2013

Vibrant postgraduate conference showcases research

Professor Geoffrey Raisman FRS gave an inspiring keynote speech to round off the second annual HYMS postgraduate research conference last Friday.

This year's conference was organised by the new HYMS Research Network and took place on Friday 7 June at the University of Hull.

Some 120 delegates attended the conference, including postgraduate research students from HYMS, the University of Hull, and the University of York, as well as academic staff, researchers and alumni.

The conference featured 12 high-quality oral presentations by research students from a wide range of topics in clinical, biological and health sciences.

There were also 25 poster presentations covering an equally wide range of subject areas.

Shraddha Kamdar, a second year PhD student studying in the Centre for Immunology and Infection, won the best oral presentation prize for her talk on 'Altered microRNA expression in Helicobacter-induced intestinal inflammation'.

Meanwhile, the poster prize went to Vivi Toro Ibacache, a third-year PhD student studying in the Centre for Anatomical and Human Sciences, for her work on 'Validation of voxel-based finite element model of a human cranium using digital speckle interferometry'.

The conference finished with Professor Raisman's talk on repairing injuries to the spinal cord and roots, entitled 'Our greatest treasure: can we repair it?'.

Professor Raisman's passion for advancing research, and his curiosity of the intricate interaction between the natural world and human biology were a real inspiration to the audience.