29 May 2013

Two weeks to go until BIKE

A big thank you to everyone who has already sponsored our BIKE@HYMS team, due to set off in less than two weeks time. Their total so far is a fantastic £1615 so if you haven’t already done so please dig deep and encourage all your friends and relations to support these keen (some would say crazy) cyclists in their fundraising challenge of 250 miles in 24 hours. You can sponsor them at: http://www.justgiving.com/bikehyms/

They are all busy training hard - Jeffrey Barber and Paul Scott took part in a five-hour North Yorkshire Mountain Bike Orienteering Event (NYMBO) at Ingleton this weekend whilst Giles Davidson went to sample the sea air at Filey with Tim Franklin and Jonathan Bynoe.

Organiser Paul Scott is looking forward to next Friday 7th June when they will be setting off from Castle Hill Hospital, Hull. They will be leaving from outside the Daisy Building at noon so anyone who wants to wish them luck is most welcome to wave them off.

"I’m just keeping my fingers crossed for good weather," he said. "I’m really excited about it now, although a little daunted too."

As well as his fellow cyclists he paid tribute to the back up team which will play such a crucial role in keeping them going during the night. At present it consists of Lisa Schubert, Research Support Officer; Joanne Richmond, Assistant to Education Manager, Richard Nicholson, BSc/SSC Programme Officer; and Gwen Irving, HYMS Student Office Manager.

"Without their help driving the support vehicle through the day and night and providing us with refreshments at regular intervals, we would not be able to complete our challenge," said Paul, who is still looking for more volunteers. If you would like to help you can contact him on paul.scott@hyms.ac.uk.

The BIKE@HYMS team consists of a great mix of staff, students and alumni. Here’s a little more about them all:

Name: Benjamin Snowden
What do you do? Final year HYMS student
Why cycling? Been riding road for four years now. Riding with UYCC, met fellow team member Neil Cattell at the club. Training for this meant I finished 12th at Roses 10 Mi TT out of 22.
Why BIKE@HYMS? Couldn’t let Neil get one over on me! Wanted to finish my time at HYMS with a bang.
Anything else? Neil demands tasty treats to get him through a ride. Famous quote: "Hey Ben, I think we need to stop in Hovingham for some tasty treats!" (all said with a Bermudan accent) 

Name: Jon Bateman
What do you do? HYMS eLearning Team
Why cycling? I've only raced mountain bikes round and round in small circles for 24 hours before - riding just one big circle sounded like fun.
Why BIKE@HYMS? I've been riding for many years without ever riding a long way on the road, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to put that right. Riding with a like-minded group makes it that much easier to contemplate.

Name: Tim Franklin
What do you do? Strategic Systems Programme Manager, University of York 
Why cycling? Love cycle touring....

Had a Gap Year when I was 43 (nearly 15 years ago now so you can do the maths) - cycled 20,000 km on 4 continents over 12 months, camping each night. 
Why BIKE@HYMS? An interesting challenge with a great group of people.
Anything else? Help!

Name: Jonathan Bynoe
What do you do? HYMS Phase 1 Core Curriculum Tutor
Why cycling? I have been cycling for the best part of 55 years.

In recent years this has been mainly tandem touring. Most recently a tour of Denmark, but previous tours of Flanders and the Netherlands have taught me all I know about cycling hills!
Why BIKE@HYMS? It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Name: Simon Smith
What do you do? Physiotherapist
Why cycling? My mind is blank.
Why BIKE@HYMS? After doing a Lands End to John O'Groats, I wanted another big challenge. I think that the cause is a good one and I think that asking people to part with their hard-earned cash requires a challenge big enough and hard enough to make them want to give. This is a big challenge, on the day, and in all the hard work that goes into getting to a level of fitness where you are able to complete it.

Name: Charlie Rowland
What do you do? HYMS student
Why cycling? I have spent most of my time over the last few years kayaking down rivers and climbing up mountains but have always enjoyed cycling in between. I am now covering more miles than ever before and thoroughly enjoying it! I have a couple of endurance events early in 2014 to train for (something which I haven't done before) and I'm hoping that the 24 hour ride will give me a good introduction! 
Why BIKE@HYMS? I just spent a lot of money on a new bike and feel this justifies me spending far more on it than I could really afford to!

Name: Giles Davidson
What do you do? HYMS Head of Administration 
Why cycling? It's a cheaper outlet for my mid-life crisis than a Ferrari (but not much), and with all the added advantages of Lycra.
Why BIKE@HYMS? It seemed like a good idea at the time Paul suggested it. I've never done an event like this before so it will interesting to see if I can. And, of course, we are raising money for some really good causes.
Anything else? Well, I've been around HYMS a long time and it’s great to be able to do something a bit different to mark the tenth anniversary.

Name: Neil Cattell
What do you do? Doctor
Why cycling? In my summer break before starting 5th year at HYMS I took two weeks holiday and cycled to Croatia solo
Why BIKE@HYMS? The Banter!!!

Name: Ben Steel
What do you do? HYMS student
Why cycling? I’ve done a lot of ultra runs up to 100 miles along the Cornish coast path but not much more than 100 miles on a bike.
Why BIKE@HYMS? The chance to push the boundaries of what I can do with a group of like-minded people

Name: Jeffrey Barber
What do you do? HYMS IT Support
Why BIKE@HYMS? I cannot recall saying yes. I think it was just assumed.

Name: Sean Bennett
What do you do? Consultant Anaesthesia
Why cycling? Basically started biking to get to work as too impatient to wait in traffic. Then met up with tri-athletes in East Yorkshire and started riding in glorious East Yorkshire and enjoy the cafes. Most riding is aimed triathlons.
Why BIKE@HYMS? Never ridden that far before.
Anything else? Not sure it is possible, especially if weather bad.

Name: Paul Scott
What do you do? HYMS Learning Resources Manager
Why cycling? I spend a lot of time on two wheels, but I haven't ever done this kind of distance in one go... What's the worst that could happen?? :/
Why BIKE@HYMS? It gives me a fantastic excuse to stuff myself with crisps, chocolate and sweets for 24 hours!
Anything else? It's surprising what you can achieve when you work together as a team! :)