22 January 2014

Students learning to teach

Members of a national medical teaching organisation gathered at HYMS for a workshop designed to equip students with the skills they need to teach others.

The Teaching Toolkit workshop, organised by the Junior Association for the Study of Medical Education, was hosted by HYMS on 18 January.

Participants from HYMS and Lancaster took part in specially-designed sessions including:

  • Live problem-based learning
  • Using feedback as a learning tool
  • Maintaining a balance of theory and practice

As well as these sessions, each participant prepared a topic for their own micro-teaching sessions, ranging from wine-tasting to the Welsh alphabet. Participants were then given feedback and went on to practise further non-medical teaching skills such as wiring a plug and making paper aeroplanes.

Students learning to fold paper planes

Timothy Brown, one of the participants, commented:

"The Teaching Toolkit offered us the opportunity to experience some teaching methodology in a safe and fun environment. The day was both useful and genuinely really good fun with lots of like-minded medics who have a passion for medical education."

The event was organised by HYMS student Melody Redman, working with Dr Vincent Cooper (senior lecturer at Keele and member of ASME Executive), Dr Dana Abrahams (junior doctor in London and co-chair of JASME), Eliot Rees (a member of the JASME committee), and Dr John Lewis, Dr Alison Blakeborough and Dr William Laughey from HYMS.

Melody said:

"The Teaching Toolkit was a great day where students and facilitators alike were enthused, inspired and encouraged to further progress in their ability to teach and learn.
"We're also very grateful to Heather Milnes in the Centre for Education Development for her help in planning the event, and Dr David Pearson’s support."