25 September 2013

Reflections on the past and looking to the future

"Reflecting on the past and looking to the future" was the title of the 8th HYMS Education Conference which took place at Bishop Burton College.

Professor Judy McKimm, Dean of Medical Education at the University of Swansea, gave the keynote speech reflecting on the vision of medical education for the next ten years. She said it was hard to predict how medical education would change and discussed moves towards patient-led care and patient management. There were major changes in admissions and selection, curriculum, assessment and feedback and the use of technologies. "No doubt technology will enable more than we can dream of," she said.

"Change is the only constant. That’s what we’ve got to cope with over the next 10 years. We’ve got to embrace change because it won’t go away."

After introductions from HYMS Deputy Dean (Education) Dr David Pearson, the conference opened with a period of reflection by the founding Dean of HYMS, Professor Bill Gillespie. He spoke about the first years of HYMS and the collaboration involved in setting up the medical school in the first instance.

"No individual saw HYMS finish up quite the way they wanted it," he said. "But overall individuals saw it was something good they had contributed to."

Dr Steven Oliver talked about the 2013 curriculum review, timed to coincide with the medical school’s 10th anniversary this year. "We already have a fantastic curriculum. We are just reflecting on areas we can improve," he stated.

Poster presentations were given before lunch and the afternoon was spent in workshop sessions.


Delegates listening to an introduction by Dr David Pearson