18 September 2014

New appointments in the Centre for Immunology and Infection

The HYMS Centre for Immunology and Infection is excited to welcome two new appointees over the summer, Prof Antal Rot and Dr Ian Hitchcock.

Antal is a world-leading authority on chemokines, small molecules that help coordinate the activity of immune cells. He trained initially as a pathologist and in his distinguished career to date, he has been lead for experimental pathology at the Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research in Vienna and Professor of Immunology at the MRC Centre for Immune Regulation in Birmingham, UK.

Recruited from Stony Brook University in New York, where he was Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Medicine, Ian is conducting groundbreaking research on the mechanisms that underpin important diseases of the blood.

Together, these appointments add considerable weight in support of the CII’s mission to understand the molecular, cellular and tissue basis of human disease and to translate this knowledge for the benefit of health. Both posts have been funded by the University of York Department of Biology as part of the development of the joint HYMS-Biology -led BSc in Biomedicine.

Antal Rot  

Prof Antal Rot


Dr Ian Hitchcock