21 October 2014

Miriam's book of the month

A book by HYMS Professor of Palliative Medicine Miriam Johnson has been named Palliative Care Book of the month by the International Association for Hospice and Palliative Care (IAHPC).

“From Advanced Disease to Bereavement” by Miriam Johnson, Karen Hogg and James Beattie provides a wealth of information about the supportive and palliative care of patients with heart failure.

Dr Roger Woodruff, a member of the Board of IAHPC, who reviewed the book, said the opening chapters summarise the pathophysiology and clinical features of heart failure, as well as the difficulties with prognostication caused by the variable clinical course.

“The chapter outlining palliative care lists the potential benefits of integrating the principles and practices of palliative care into the management of heart failure for patients, their families, and for the health care professionals; and the disadvantages of not doing so,” he said. “There are chapters on communication, advance care planning, the management of pain and other symptoms as well as psychosocial and spiritual matters, and how to care for the dying patient.

“I was impressed by the amount of information, clearly set out in bullet-point lists, and by the Table of Contents and the system of headings which make that information accessible.

“This book should be of value to those working in both cardiology and palliative care. The former will gain insight into the human side of their patients and what the real (palliative) needs are for patients with advanced disease; for the latter, it provides a good summary of both the medical and palliative needs of patients with advanced heart failure,” he added.



From Advanced Disease to Bereavement

Miriam Johnson, Karen Hogg and James Beattie

Oxford University Press, 2012

216 pp

ISBN 978-0-19-929930-0

RRP £ 29.99, $US 74.95