05 January 2016

HYMS researchers contribute to Natural History Museum exhibit

HYMS Researchers, Professor Paul O’Higgins and Dr Laura Fitton, have recently contributed to a new exhibit at the London’s Natural History Museum as part of the new human evolution gallery. The gallery, which presents the recent progress in our understanding of human evolution, has an entrance comprising of roughly chronologically ordered skulls, including the museum’s own collection and new discoveries.

Palaeontological discoveries have risen exponentially in recent years. This may be partly due to new, previously inaccessible, excavation sites being opened up, but indisputably technology has played a major role. Researchers can now define the genetic make-up from tiny bone fragments, as well as identify species.

Professor O’Higgins and Dr Fitton provided 3D virtual reconstructions of fossil skulls in the interactive display, allowing visitors to visualise and compare the differences among them.

Professor O’Higgins said: “Laura and I are very pleased to have had the opportunity to contribute content based on our research at HYMS to this landmark exhibition at the Natural History Museum. It is wonderful to be able to support the Natural History Museum in bringing to the public the fruits of the recent endeavours of many scientists in our field. In particular, we are pleased to have the opportunity to show how modern advances in imaging can help us better understand ourselves in relation to our deep history.”

Read more online: http://www.theguardian.com/science/2015/dec/13/wall-skulls-story-mankind-evolution-fossils